The me project

A project about myself


My name is Jayden bell and today I am a 15 year old high school student. I am interested in video games, cooking, and exploring the world. I currently live in Brampton Ontario Canada but I was born in Ontario. I live with my mom dad and older brother. I currently am a grade 10 student that attends Louise arbour secondary school. When I grow up i want to find a job in the surgery field. It is satisfying to me when I help other people out than just helping myself.

My life line.

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Canadas wonderland

I go here a lot and I always have a great time. I was age 4 first time I went

My favourite things.

Leadership style.

I am a persuader type of leader I make other people help me with decisions but I make the final one. A example would be in group work where no one can make a decision I make it instead, even though this is not the best style of leadership for making quick decisions.

My influences.

My biggest influence is my mom she supportes me full time with each and every decision I make even the bad ones. Other members in my famil influence me as well, my brother got me inteeasted in video games. My friends influence me by helping me with shoolwork and talking about issues.

Role model/People in my life.

My biggest role model is my mom she taught me many things and she always knows how to say the right thing even in at a bad time. My mom is also a really caring person who inspired me to become a surgeon one day.

My future.

I one day want to be a parent an have kids of my own. From before I remember I want to become a cardiac surgeon. I plan on accomplishing this by graduating high school getting a "bachelor of science in biology" when I finish university. Then Get into medical and the do residency training to get my surgeon liscince.

Family symbols.

The end.

Thanks for viewing my smore