GTC 2017 - Know Before You Go


The countdown is ON!

We are just 10 days away from GTC 2017 and I wanted to outline a few of the expectations for GTC so you are fully prepared to be inspired, moved, and see your vision EXPLODE!
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Registration & Other Things to Know


You'll want to register IMMEDIATELY when you get to Las Vegas. You will get a Name Tag and a whole bunch of goodies. When you register, you will know what Consultant Training to attend that Thursday afternoon. The sooner you register, the more likely you are to get the earlier slot. Each of the Consultant Trainings that afternoon are the exact same, just offered at different times to manage the number of people. You HAVE to attend the time they give you, you can't switch...they check your badges as you enter the doors. Also, they will NOT have enough time slots for everyone attending! Because of that, they will be Live Streaming the training to any hotel room at the MGM or MGM Signature. While this is convenient, it still doesn't give you the FEELING of being live at the training. So commit to attending in person if you get in in time!!

Other Items to Bring

  • A pen and notebook - They give you a small notebook at the back of your agenda, but they don't ever have enough room for me to write everything. So I always bring my notebook where I can take gobs of notes
  • Your 100 Person Name List, your Dream Team List, and your Calendar - Trust me, you WILL want to make calls while you are there! Your belief and vision are elevated to a whole new level and it's a great time to reach out to people!
  • Your Camera so you can get tons of great pics for your EOA!
  • Sample Packs, Business Cards, and Mini Curiosity Packets - For the people you might meet while you are at the hotel, on the plane, at restaurants, and out and about. Be prepared!! You may just meet your next ACE while walking the strip one free evening!

What to Wear (because that's REALLY what you're most worried about :-) )

Thursday Day (for the Consultant Training in the afternoon) - Look cute but know you can be a little more casual because most people will be arriving that day.

Thursday Night (Kick Off Ceremony & New Product Launch) - You'll want to wear our LIVE INSPIRED TEAM SHIRT that you should have ordered! You can also wear jeans this night! I'm planning to wear my shirt with white jeans and I'll bring a light sweater as I usually get cold in the arena.

Friday & Saturday General Sessions (Morning and Afternoon) - I suggest cute leggings or pants with a dressy top, a skirt and dressy top, or a dress. Business casual, really. Like what you see the VPs wearing at Nation Meetings!!!

Grand Awards on FRIDAY NIGHT - I'd go cocktail attire this night! People typically wear a cocktail dress, a cute dress, or dressy pants and top. Don't go out and buy anything...most of us have a Little Black Dress that'll be just fine for the night!

Pure Vibe Party New Managers Celebration on Saturday Night - INVITE ONLY - This is going to be a BLAST!!! This is the coveted party of the entire weekend out by the pool of the MGM in complete WHITE! Free food, free drinks, and endless dancing...get ready! Remember, WEAR WHITE!!

**Note** Bring flip flops or comfy shoes to walk through the MGM. The place is huge and your feet will hurt if you are in heels the whole time. I always throw a pair of flip flops in my bag so I can throw them on whenever I need to!

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Dreiling NATION Receptions

Wednesday, April 19th 3:30pm - VPs ONLY - Multi-Nation VP Reception before the VP Reception. Tower 3 POOL. Photo taken at 4:30pm

Wednesday, April 19th @ 5pm - VP Gala Reception at the MGM! Connect with all the VPs company wide. Free drinks and appetizers at the event!

Wednesday, April 19th @ 7:30pm - Dinner with Dreiling Nation VPs and VPs in Qual at Dragon Noodle in Monte Carlo

Thursday, April 20th - IMMEDIATELY following the New Product Launch - Dreiling Nation Champagne Toast and Reception - MGM Grand Skyline Marquee Suite (details on where this is will be communicated on Thursday). This is a large suite at the MGM Grand (which is easier to navigate than the Signature Towers and much larger than the typical suites). We'll have a Champagne Toast to close out Launch Night, gifts will be given, you'll have an opportunity to try first hand the entire IWIA set (and purchase it on the spot from your phones!), and VPs will introduce themselves and share their favorite benefit of being a VP at GTC. Great way to meet some of the names you have seen on the Facebook group.

Saturday, April 22nd 5:30p-6:30p - New Managers Celebration Pre-Party with wine and snacks in NVP Trisha Dreiling's Suite! Only those invited to the New Managers Celebration to attend!! For those of you not attending, I'd suggest doing a booking blitz in your room before you head to dinner :-). Team up with sidelines and stretch each other!

Things to Expect

Be patient! There will be lines! Which means to also plan accordingly. Give yourself extra time to get to places so that you're not anxious when you arrive :-).

Have a positive attitude about EVERYTHING....let's show people how we roll! Be positive when you talk to anyone....your team, your upline, your sidelines, people you meet in the elevator, people you talk to on the plane. We want to be known as the team that everyone wants to be a part of, because of our attitude! There is no room for anything negative during this experience so please don't ruin someone else's time with any negative feedback! And if you hear negativity coming from someone else, try to turn it to positivity! We are going to have a blast and you'll want to fully experience this event!

Edify EVERYONE....your upline, your team, and sidelines. This is the culture of Arbonne and we want to keep that in tact.

Cheer LOUD!! We are going to have some incredible recognition on stage this year, including New RVP Janel Shackelford and New RVP Gwyneth Spinden! And of course, our upline, the keynote speaker, ENVP Tarrah Brandsma! Let's show people how proud we are of our uplines and sidelines that we know who will be walking the stage!

Be ready to be moved! Come with an open heart and mind! This experience is like nothing you have ever experienced...enjoy it, take it in, take tons of notes, and be ready to come home to build your business to the next level!

Saving seats in the arena can get crazy. As a Nation we will all be in the same section, so we'll be near each other. Try to just save seats for those in your room. My suggestion is to send two people in your room down a little early and then sit one or two seats apart from each other and put your bags in the seats next to you for your roomies. And then the other two can grab Starbucks or food :-). It's also great to get in a little early to get the seats you want!

The GTC "I Want It All" package will have all the new products in it. It's offered at an incredible discount for GTC attendees!! You'll want to purchase at least one (or just for you and one to use as a tester/display) of the IWIA, so make sure you plan and budget for that. Price for the IWIA and additional sets to add on are below.

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