Cornell Senior Days 2014

Senior Days: Countdown to first activity: 14 days! Zinck's card: March 21st

  • Make sure that you are up to date on all the latest information about Senior Days. Tickets officially go on sale on April 8th. Zinck’s card holders will be able to purchase tickets 2 minutes before everyone else, so make sure to purchase your card before March 21st to take advantage of this and all the other deals available!

  • Again, you must purchase your Zinck’s card by March 21st to be eligible to purchase Senior Days tickets early.

  • Events this year include: wine tours, lake cruises, the annual rave, Duff Ball, brunches at Ruloffs and Banfi, Dino BBQ, a block party, and so many more! We’ll share more information about event details as ticket sales get closer.

  • Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more information!

Zinck's and Senior Days! Get the advantage now!!!

Join the Zinck's Club for a week of Zinck's events! Get the most out of your Zinck's Card with a week of awesome deals! If you don't have a card, this is the week to get it:

Sunday, March 16th
- Come to Loco Cantina from 9pm to 11pm for free food and a mystery special from owner Kevin!

Monday, March 17th - Spend St. Patty's day with us at Dunbars starting at 10am (Dunbars opens at 8am) where we will be giving away Zinck's pint glasses to the first 100 cardholders!

Tuesday, March 18th - Kick off the March Madness tournament at 9pm with buy one, get one free pints at Jack's Grill from 9pm - 11pm!

Wednesday, March 19th - Need help studying for wines? Come to wines "office hours" at The Regent Lounge for 25% off pitchers and appetizers from 5pm - 7pm!

Thursday, March 20th - Start your weekend at Moonies (aka The Moonshadow Tavern) where ALL DRINKS WILL BE $2 for cardholders and there will be tons of free pizza starting at 9pm!

Friday, March 21st - Class it up with the class of 2014 at Stella's starting at 8pm where there will be free food and $4 select cocktails starting at 10pm!

Saturday, March 22nd
- Finish off Zinck's week with a pregame at Level B from 9pm to 11pm. Your Zinck's card will get you into the VIP section where all drafts, well drinks & shots will be $2.

Find the Facebook event here.