Baggage Discrepencies

Unit 208

Missing Bag (AHL)

AHL- Advise if holding. Process of missing baggage.

Whenever a baggage is found without an owner, normally because it has been loaded on board a different flight than the passenger it belongs to, it can be registered as an on-hand baggage.

If PAX discover in the baggage claim area that their baggage is missing, they immediately go to the Baggage Service Office in the customs hall of the airport.

PAX are required to fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) within 5 days of arrival.

Damaged (DPR)

Normal use of baggage may result in scratches, marks and dents on your luggage and in other minor damage. Airlines are not liable for this.

Assess damage and record details and record details in World Tracer.

- If damage is 'fair wear and tear' then details on the report as Courtesy.

-Issue report for customer to claim on their insurance (PIR)

-If bag is beyond repair offer customers a replacement bag from current stock

- If bag beyond repair and customer is a UK resident who declines replacement from stock, new bag chosen from catalogue and delivery by baggage replacement services provider.

-If customer mid journey and bag is useable make claim at final destination.


Baggage that has been pilfred is checked baggage that, while in custody of the airline or transporter during the trip, lost some or all of it's contents due to damage or theft.

-Detail missing item/s in world tracer.

-Capture missing item/s age and value at time of report creation.

-Customer unsure of any further missing items, then advised to contact claims.

-Detail any damage to bag if any refer to Damage bag Sop.

-Issue report for customer to claim on their insurance (PIR)

-Refer customer to claims.

Found (OHD)

OHD- On hand baggage-found file.

Check if AHL exists with the tag number on the bag.

Check if AHL exists with either name shown on the bag or the name shown on the baggage tag.

If tagged bag has not been reported, interrogate available systems to determine customer's itinerary (i.e LHR terminator or onward carriage)

Retrieve Customer PNR for any contact details, (i.e telephone contact or email address)