Drew Thompson, 2nd Period


Thailand is an amazing country that looks like a flower on a stem. Most of the 62.4 million people in Thailand are part of the Thai ethnic group and practice Buddhism. As you walk through the city there are Buddhist temples everywhere. If you are Buddhist and follow it then Thailand is the place for you. About 80% of Thailand's people live in rural villages, although many look for jobs in the big capitol city of Bangkok. Thailand is a beautiful country with many religions including Buddhism and Hinduism. And while the city is growing, the 62.4 million people are coming together as well.

Slogan - Thailand " Land where dreams come true!"


Geography and Climate of Thailand

Thailand's geography is mostly isolated. On one side is Myanmar (or Burma) and on the other side there is Laos and Cambodia. The Gulf of Thailand spurts out to the South China Sea. The Isthmus of Kra connects Thailand to Malaysia. They are isolated in the middle of three countries and the gulf opens up to the only sea route east of Thailand. The climate is warm and tropical affected by annual monsoons. There is a rainy season from June to October and the rest of the year is dry. Temperatures average 75 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. There is tropical, rainy, warm, and cloudy seasons in Thailand.
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Rainy Season

This is a rainy season in Thailand. At one minute it could be sunny and hot and the next there are huge storm clouds building up.

Culture and People

Culture and People

The culture of Thailand pairs with many others including China, India, Cambodia, and lots of southeast Asia. The main religions are Buddhist, Animism, and Hinduism. About 95 percent of Thailand's population is Theravada Buddhist. Most are from the Thai ethnic group and there are many holidays. The Thai New Year is a celebration. There is not a lot of sports but Thai boxing is one of them. Their culture is very rich and follows many other cultures.


Most people are Buddhist in Thailand. There are statues everywhere and also temples. Religion is a big role in culture.


There are many foods in Thailand. Most are somehow related to Chinese foods and there are some Japanese. The foods are noodles and lots of healthy things.


There are many styles of music in Thailand. Also there are many types of instruments in Thailand like drums and other things.


There are mainly one holiday for the Thai ethnic group and that is the Thai New Year. There is celebrations and water gun fights and many other fun things for them to do. There are some other holidays but the Thai New Year is the most important one.


There are many different types of clothes in Thailand. In Southeast Asia there are many different styles of clothes following religion and other things. It depends on what religion you are.

Government and Citizenship


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy government under a parliamentary document since 1932. They were the only country in Southeast Asia that wasn't ruled by a British colony before they got their independence. Thailand has so far been through 17 Constitutions but the government has basically stayed the same. The Thailand government is made of three branches. The Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary just like the US. All three branches are located in the capitol of Bangkok.


Citizenship in Thailand is all based on having a Thai Citizenship. This allows you to not have any work permits, no more visa runs, and also allows you to buy, own, and sell property in Thailand. Also you can own any business and no job is closed to you. Getting Thai citizenship is a very complicated procedure that takes 3 to 5 years to actually get. Also to get Thai citizenship you have to have a Permanent Residency in Thailand. If you don't then you will have to apply and live in Thailand paying taxes for more than 5 years. In Thailand you do get to vote just like Americans do but getting a Thai citizenship is a very complicated process.
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Money System

The money in Thailand is called Thai Baht. The issuance of currency is always issued by the Bank of Thailand which is the national bank. The Thai Baht was originated from the pound used by other countries. They used simple fractions and multiples to weigh and do other things with it and that is where the Baht came from.

Economic Imports and Exports





-other things that people lack inside of Thailand


-canned fish

-frozen fish


-Thai groceries

-Thai sauces

-other foods