Thursday's Thoughts

December 3, 2015

I hope you all have had a great week! I also hope you have already had two days of speaking to those students who you feel are your difficult students at least 2 minutes and you have talked about something other than school. Remember that your challenge is to speak to those students each day for 10 days and discuss something other than school. I can't wait to hear your thoughts after completing this challenge.

Please remember to sign up for the Christmas party if you are able to attend. Please do this before 10:00 tomorrow morning as I need final numbers. You will receive more information soon about our party.

I hope you have a wonderful evening. Please plan on a Happy Friday and a duty free lunch.

Love to you all!


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Upcoming Dates:

Dec. 9th: Tech PD during planning (Let me check to make sure this date is still accurate.)

Dec. 10th: House Council Meeting 2:00

Dec. 10th: Teacher cadets to visit

Dec. 15th: Tech the Halls Judging (For those participating)

Dec. 15th: House Council Meetings