Just what is often a Permaculture or Permaculturalist

The word permaculture arises from the mixture of permanent agriculture and permanent culture. Permaculture is actually an approach in designing perennial agri systems and human settlement that copies relationships found in the natural ecologies. It's a design system for sustainable living and in all aspect of human effort. It is a green career.

The career outlook for a career is favorable. They make on average $20-$25 thousand a year.

Permaculture, being a broad based and holistic strategy, has many applications to all facets of life. The center of permaculturists should be set on 'values' or moral principles that shall remain constant whatever the problem is.

Personal and professional Qualities of a Permaculturist

A permaculturist should have Earthcare and recognize that the-earth is the source of all life, our valuable house, and that we are part of it, not apart from it. They should also have people care and support and assist each other to change the lifestyle to that not harmful to ourselves or the planet. Basically, that is what makes permaculture a career.

Modern permaculture began with the concern on sustainable food production. What started it was the fact that for people to have sustainable living, they should avoid dependence on technologies are used by industrialized agriculture, which powered by fossil fuels. Permaculture highlights the worth of low inputs and diverse crops. A good model for this is the home gardens for food production and the wealth of small scale marketplace.

Permaculture Trainings

You can just join a workshop which will teach the basics concepts to you of permaculture as well as provide you with innovations in the field like designing a small solar electric system or a bike powered pump. Trainings may also contain subjects on the Introduction and Methane Biodigestors to Permaculture.