Take Care of the Earth

Make the world better for you and your fellow animals

Save the Earth

We humans are taking over the world and ruining homes for animals everywhere. 10,000 species of animals go extinct every year. Now is the time to make a change. If we could start now with this new generation then the Earth will slowly go back to a healthy living environment. Although, it will never be quite the same.

Humans are the Newbies

If you converted the time of when the first humans were around to the time that we invented the iPhone that is only 4 seconds while the Earth has been around for 23 hours. Already we have made too big of an impact on the Earth's health. We have polluted, trashed, and made it inhabitable for lots of animals. This needs to stop.

This Earth needs help!

The New Generation

Our new generation can make a difference. We are young and still learning. If we can teach the world what their ancestors have done to the Earth they will surely take a different path.

It may never be the same.

We have got to make a difference. It's now or never.