Jose Limon

By: Ivan Dwyer

Jose Limons Life History

  • Jose Limon was born on January 12, 1908.
  • The Mexican Revolution caused the Limon family to move from Mexico to California.
  • Jose Limon went to Los Angeles Lincoln High School and went to the University of California Los Angeles to study art.
  • Limon performed with the Humphrey Weidman Company and also performed in the Broadway performances Americana and As Thousands Cheer.
  • Limon became part of the US army on March 1943.
  • Limon began to work with Juilliard School in New York where he teached for the rest of his life until retiring.
  • Jose Limon died on December 2, 1972

Jose Limons Choreography.

  • Some of his choreography would consist of putting weight into some body part.
  • His form of Modern made it look like things rolling up and down.
  • Also most of his choreography was based on a story or stage play.

Modern Dance

Modern dance was created by ballet dancers who felt they were trapped in a box when dancing so they (one is Jose Limon) created a new type of dance, that people began to call, modern.