A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Aaron Jeong

Primary Source

This primary source is audiovisual, there is a transcript that I used to get some information. But that was not aired to the public to announce what had happened. This primary source is audiovisual because it was an audio broadcast that people listened to on the radio.


This speech was in reaction to the Pearl Harbor bombing, the speech was aired on December 7, 2014. It announced what had happened, and how Mr. Roosevelt had felt. As well as to announce the war against Japan, the country which had attacked them. The Japan attacked because of the current World War going on around the world. The United States had chosen to stay out of it so the Japanese chose to attack when they weren't expecting, They had taken a long but unexpected route and had fighters who were known as Kamikaze fighters. Otherwise known as suicide planes that would ram into ships and battle cruisers. This had provoked the United States into full fledged war against Japan, and the Axis.
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Perspectives, Backgrounds, Biases

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the perspective of the leader of his country, and the Japanese had just attacked him and his country. Killing many of his sailors and destroying many of his naval forces. He had taken this as a personal attack as well as one towards his country. He was biased completely towards the United States, he was the president of the United States. Japans leaders, such as Yamamoto Isoroku one of the masterminds of the attack. He had bias towards his country, Japan and had the perspective of being apart of the military to protect his country. As well as attack whoever may stand in their way.

Reasons Why I Chose It

I chose this primary source because of the context of the situation this came from. I have always been rather interested in the events surrounding the Pearl Harbor bombing. The events leading up to it, the actual attack, and the events following it. It also seemed to be a primary source that has not been used too much. It was covered in class so I was familiar with it, but I expected more projects. From what I saw there weren't too many, so that helped persuade me to pick this primary source as well.

What I Learned

I learned that the United States had a very memorable announcement after the bombing. The speech itself was a very powerful way to announce war and show the presidents feelings to help some people cope. It was very professional but personal at the same time, you can hear Franklin Roosevelt's tone being angry. I learned more specifically about the United States status after the attack. Their reaction showed examples of continuity and change by changing the nations view on the war, and joins in. While at the same time, keeping the same American ideals and ideas. The citizens did not change their views, but they were now fighting in the second World War. Not learning about how Pearl Harbor was attacked but about how the government handled it. This was a very interesting and informative project.