Constantinople brochure-

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Constantinople's geography-

Our beautiful Constantinople is located on a peninsula a little more than 800 miles east of Rome. This location near crossroads of Europe and Asia, with all of the over-land trade routes linking them makes trade easier. don't worry about safety, our miles of walls, fortified by watch towers and gates on land. we even have a chain around the city's harbor for protection from seafaring invaders.
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Constantinople's daily life-

Ivory, Silk, perfumes, and other luxury items are sold at the market. Our city of Constantinople is very advanced, considering we have sewer systems, hospitals, and homes for the elderly are provided as well. Most people attend to the hippodrome to watch chariot races fro entertainment.
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constantinople's government-

Justinian is one of our best rulers. He has built many churches, bridges, public baths, parks, roads, and hospitals. Justinian has also reclaimed some of our territory like parts of north Africa, Italy, and some of Spain. one of his best accomplishments is creating Justinian's code, a systematic body of law that has revised the outdated and confusing laws.

Constantinople's religion-

Theodosius also made Christianity the sole religion of the empire, and Constantinople assumed preeminence over other Christian centers in the East as Rome did in the West. The fall of Rome to the Ostrogoths in 476 marked the end of the western half of the Roman Empire.

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