Child Labor

By Justice Mcmillian


85 million children do hazardous labor Instead of getting education “Child labor is work that deprives children of their dignity and that is harmful to physical and mental development.” There are a lot of problems regarding child labor and there are a lot of people helping to stop it.

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Facts and problems

Here are some facts and problems in child labor. Right now there is 168 million children at risk of child labor. A example of child labor is children in Burkina Faso which is in Africa children grind and crush ore and that makes a toxic dust in the air. they also work with mercury. Also in Australia children get nicotine poisoning from picking tobacco consequently Australia gets $16 million dollars of that tobacco.Furthermore 60% of of child labor is family/farming work.The reason child labor happens is the family needs more money so they send there kids out to work to get money. Also the top three countries of child labor are Afghanistan,North Korea,and My mar. The Second highest amount of child laborers is in the sub-Saharan African region. In Ethiopia 60% of children are at risk of child labor.


Is a map for Barkina Faso.

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Here is the story of Iqbal Masih and ways to stop child labor. When Iqbal was 4 he was sold $12.00 to a carpet weaver. Consequently Iqbal had to work for 12 hours a day making carpets. when Iqbal was 10 he escaped then he spoke out to the world.Therefore when he was 12 he was shot and killed we think it was the people he spoke up against but no one knows and it all happened when he went back to pakistan. As a result Craig made a organization that helps to stop child labor because he read about Iqbal in a article and he was also 12 when Iqbal was shot. At first the organization started in Toronto,Canada with 20 people and now it’s world wide. This is only one example how to stop child labor and here are two more ways stop it. One way is to give workers fair wages and working conditions. Another way is to give children a education and that would limit the time they have to work to get all the children in the world a education that would cost 10-30 billion dollars that may seem like a lot but it’s only 2.0% of military spending.


Child labor is a big problem.Children in Burkina Faso and Australia do hazardous work. Some people don’t have enough money so they send there children out to get money by working. Iqbal was shot we think by the people that he spoke up against.Than a kid named Craig found and made a organization to stop child labor.Always remember the 168 million children at risk of child labor.

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