Diamond Bar HS 2019 - 2020 Retirees

Congratulations on Retirement!

Diamond Bar High School

Diamond Bar High School

Pei-Ying Chai

Sandra Davis

Kent Neil

Sheryle Pillars

Daniel Roubian

December 2019 (Coleen Gee, Nancy Horton, & Ai Min Lin)

Pei-Ying Chai

A Note About Pei-Ying:

Chinese Teacher Ms. Chai is passionate about teaching and learning as inspired by her father’s life lessons as a teacher. Since 1995, Ms. Pei-Ying Chai has been a cornerstone of the DBHS Chinese program after serving as a Chinese Saturday school teacher for many years. In the beginning of her teaching career, Ms. Chai was a traveling teacher who taught all levels from Chinese I to Chinese IV, AP/IB creating much of the curriculum. Ms. Chai greatly appreciates her students, their parents, her co-workers, and the support she has received from administration because it has always been a team approach. Ms. Chai will continue to be a positive influence to future generations; she especially looks forward to spending time with her granddaughter. Thank you Ms. Chai for being a servant leader; for imparting your language expertise, for your vision, and for serving as a foundation for our Chinese program.
Tribute to Retiree Pei-Ying Chai

Sandy Davis

Thoughts about Sandy . . .

Sandra Davis, Wellness Center Coordinator started her second career in 1988 as a writing composition and English teacher. During her teaching career, Ms. Davis taught Social Psychology, Civics, Economics, US History, and in the last several years has served as the Peer Counseling Advisor and Wellness Center Coordinator. Ms. Davis’ passion for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is evident throughout our entire district and especially at DBHS where she has been instrumental in establishing the Peer Counseling program, the Wellness Consultant model, and the student Wellness Center. Ms. Davis believes teachers serve as the barometer in the classroom where SEL opportunities abound. She will miss creating wellness opportunities for students and staff and looks forward to spending more time with her grandchildren, joining a book club, expanding her fitness routine, traveling, and developing her consulting business. Thank you Ms. Davis for loving our students and for exemplifying SEL in all ways.
Tribute to Retiree Sandy Davis

Kent Neil

A note from our Brahma Math Department & A Memorable Quote From Mr. Neil!

Kent began in education in Fountain Valley. Kent joined the DBHS family 32 years ago. Kent has taught Pre-Alg, Alg I & II. In addition, Kent was our head baseball coach for 8 years, the JV and Frosh Football coach for 14 years and assistant soccer coach for 3 years. Kent is known for whistling jingle bells, even in August. When asked, Kent says “cause every day is Christmas here at Diamond Bar.” He is dedicated to his students. It is most evident when you hear the screams across campus “ Mr. Neil!!!” or in a parent meeting when they tell you how much they love the support he gives their students. We will miss hearing Jingle bells all year long, his warm smile, and joking demeanor. Diamond Bar was lucky to have Kent and will leave some very big shoes to fill. He leaves a special place in our hearts.

Tribute to Retiree Kent Neil

Sheryle Pillars

Reflections on Sheryle . . .

Sheryle Pillars is the absolute BEST! She is incredibly kind, easygoing, patient, and helpful. As a Instructional Aide at Diamond Bar High School, her teacher’s never have to look for anything longer than 30 seconds because Sheryle immediately jumps up to do whatever is needed. Sheryle also has an enormous amount of patience and we greatly appreciate all the time and effort she takes in helping students be successful. She keeps a filing cabinet full of class notes from past classes and willingly shares these with students. In addition to being a fantastic Instructional Aide, Sheryle is an amazing friend. If a staff member is having a difficult time in life, Sheryle checks in on them frequently, offers prayers, and often brings in homemade brownies to help brighten their day! Sheryle is giving and loving and we have all benefited greatly in getting to work with her. We are all sad to see her go but excited for Sheryle on a well-deserved retirement.

Tribute to Retiree Sheryle Pillards

Dan Roubian

Dan Roubian's Impact at Diamond Bar High School:

Mr. Daniel Roubian has played an important role in the development of hundreds of lives during his career. Twenty-five years ago, Mr. Roubian became a DBHS English teacher and Journalism Advisor. In addition to numerous clubs such as Red Cross, he has served as the Peer Counseling teacher and advisor. He enjoys “seeing and hearing students’ insightful, oftentimes humorous, feedback in connection to life and literature.” For many students, Mr. Roubian has been a father figure and mentor. His calm, consistent manner provides an opportunity for students to express themselves, have meaningful conversations, and hear genuine affirmation about who they are as individuals. During his next season, Mr. Roubian may be found enjoying the ocean view, spending time with his grandson, traveling, and pursuing his hobby of bee-keeping. Thank you Mr. Roubian for positively impacting all those around you. We will miss your steady presence on our campus.
Tribute to Retiree Dan Roubian