Thank You for Your Order!

Hooting Lockets, Origami Owl

Hoot Hoot!!!!!

Thank you for your recent Origami Owl purchase! I am beyond thrilled that you have chosen to tell YOUR story with a beautiful, custom piece of jewelry. My hope is that every time you wear it, you feel connected with who you are, and of course will look FABuloso while wearing it!

If you have any questions about your purchase, or if you need absolutely anything at all from here on out, please please let me know. It is my job to make sure you are completely 100% satisfied with your O2 and I hope we can work towards building your collection.

If you would like to be featured on my website under the "Customer Spotlight", I would absolutely love to hear your story and see a photo of your finished piece whether it be you wearing it, or of the jewelry itself. Customer stories are so inspiring to those around us and we never know how many people we can touch just by sharing. Please email me at with your photo and story if you are interested.