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Maire Newsletter January 7th edition

Dear Maire Families,

2022 has certainly started with quite a bit of turbulence. Our district, our community, and the entire country is dealing with the recent surge in COVID cases. As you know, I was out this week. Even though I was fully vaccinated and boosted, and showed no symptoms, the virus spread throughout my household over the break. While staying home was not what I wanted or anticipated, it is what had to happen according to our guidelines which are put in place to help keep everyone safe. I feel for all families impacted by this virus. I know it affects everyone differently. I was lucky it was mild for my family. I know being out of school is not what anyone wants.

As we roll through January we anticipate more absences, both students and staff. To be honest, the district, like all districts, will have to be creative to make things work. Your child may miss their special at times. Our staff may need to slide into different roles to help. We are all going to do our part to step up and accept that things are not going to be normal. Together we can do anything.

Please continue to monitor your child for symptoms. Please keep up with the communication to the office and teachers when issues do arise. Although difficult and inconvenient at times, quarantine and isolation are there to help stop the spread. With cases that come up from students within school, being fully vaccinated is helping our students stay in school, as being fully vaccinated exempts people from quarantines as long as they have no symptoms. Our goal is to keep everyone safe at Maire and in our community. Thank you for your partnership.


Ryan Francis

proud Principal of Maire

Important Maire dates to remember

1/8 Pfizer Pediatric Vaccine Clinic at Ferry Elementary 9am-1pm

1/11 5th Gr Info Night 6:30-8 pm

1/12 PTO Meeting 7pm (zoom)

1/13 Y5/Kindergarten Info Night 6:30-8 pm in Maire Gym (see info below)

1/19 Maire Hosting "Communities United in Diversity" Meeting 6-8 pm

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We are so excited to celebrate the success of our 3rd and 4th grade student leaders who are now doing our monthly Townhalls! At our Townhalls we take time to teach and share the wonderful things going on at Maire. We talk about PBIS expectations, honor our Safety/Service Members of the Month, learn about our new Leader in Me Habit and Character Word of the Month. These students, led by Mrs. Roby and Mr. Gross, created the content and video taped our January TownHall.

Leader in Me: Think Win Win

Our Leader in Me Habit is “Think Win-Win.” This habit relies on mutual understanding and compromise to ensure everyone benefits.

Character Word of the Month: Respect

Everything about this pandemic has been hard, but hopefully we have learned some things along the way. One of these things might be respect. Respect for ourselves, respect for our class and teachers, and respect for our families. Respect is also listening to friends, adults, and teachers to show that we value them. Respect Family Letter

Cold Weather

Just a friendly reminder that ZERO is our magic number. When it is 0 degrees or below with the wind chill we will line up inside or do inside recess. If it feels like 1 degree or higher outside, we are outside.

Be sure to send your child with all the necessary items to keep them warm and dry this winter. LABEL EVERYTHING to ensure nothing gets lost.

Young Rembrandts- New session starting Monday January 10th

The Winter Session of Young Rembrandts is starting on Monday!

All information can be found here:

Winter Young Rembrandts

Chess Wizards - 2 new sessions starting soon !

The super popular Chess Club is now going to be offered on Tuesday OR Wednesday (2 different sessions). Please click here for all of the important information!

Covid vaccination record upload

Parents and guardians can upload their student's COVID vaccine card using the MiStar Parent Portal by following the directions linked here. According to quarantine guidelines from the Wayne County Health Department, any student who is fully vaccinated will not be required to quarantine if they are identified as a close contact to a COVID positive individual. Uploading your student’s vaccine card will help the district quickly identify those students who will not be required to quarantine. Thank you for doing this once the shots are complete!



We want to take just a few minutes to remind everyone of the parking lot rules and procedures so that we can have a safe and orderly morning. For those that are visual learners, this video highlights almost all of the information below.

1. Right turn ONLY into and out of the parking lot during pick up/drop off. Accidents happen even with the best of intentions. Please do not zoom straight across either. Right turn only.

2. Cross at the crosswalk when picking up or dropping off your children. The crosswalk is located near the office with yellow lines on the ground.

3. Kids exit on the passenger side only and parents never exit the car. Students need to be able to get themselves out completely independently. If this is not possible, we encourage you to park instead of using the lane.

4. No drop offs outside of the green line. Keep moving as far down the green line as you can before stopping.

5. Continue to pull forward as much as possible, even around the curve, so more cars can use the lane. Our students are resilient and will be okay to walk the extra distance.

6. Be kind...everyone has an off day when their kid forgets how to use the seatbelt or drops their lunch or something out of the ordinary. No worries. Thanks for your patience in line when these things happen.

7. We always have late arrivals so we ask that parents not stand out in front of the drop off lane to wave bye to their kids. Many students are still arriving and trying to safely get out of their cars. It will get congested quickly and we want a safe drop off for everyone.

8. Our small lot off the alley is for ASD families and buses only and students/families should not be walking around in that lot. We ask that you use the safe routes walkways and sidewalks close to the building and not walk through the lot as cars and buses back up with limited space and limited sight.

9. Lastly, please do not park in the spaces in the alley marked "private property" as they are not owned by Maire and the landlord of those businesses has and will continue to call the tow company. They get upset at the school and unfortunately that ends up with our office staff having to field those calls.

I know that was a lot of information to process. Many of the errors in our lot are because the parent or person dropping off just didn't know. Please do your best to make sure whoever is taking your child(ren) to school is aware of these rules so things go smoothly and safely each day. Thanks for your partnership.

Maire Auction info

The Maire 2022 Auction is coming up on Friday May 6th.

Save the date!

Maire Auction

It's time to order your Maire yearbook!

Yearbook order info can be found here: Maire yearbook

We are working hard to make the Maire yearbook bigger and better, and this year we will have custom front and back covers, designed by Maire 4th graders!

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