Calling all Collaborators!!!!

Calling all teachers who want to bounce ideas back and forth. Collaborate and create fun, new, exciting lessons. Let's work together!!!!

Collaboration Central

Slaton Jr. High Library

Who am I?

A fun loving, but practical, supportive school librarian looking for teachers to collaborate with. I am a good listener who has a strong need for achievement in supporting teaching students to become independent learners. I am a ESFJ, who loves direct interaction and discussion by maintaining friendly professional relationships with teachers and students. I love to discuss feedback on any collaboration we do together. What worked, what didn't, or what could we do better. I love to share the stage of teaching and collaborating although I can be softly assertive, but always willing to be supportive of all ideas. Come on let's get together to create great things on our school. With two brains working together we can accomplish great things!!!


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