Safety Update


Principal message

Hello Pfluger Falcon families,

One of our main goals each day is to keep your children safe. I wanted to share some information about what we are doing at Pfluger in the last few weeks. One is an update on the education program we are doing related to the importance of handwashing. Second, we have started a pilot bus tag program.

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Hays CISD has provided specific lessons our teachers are using for instruction on how kids should wash their hands. I have included the link to the website the teachers were provided so you can see this information.

In addition, this information was shared with the principals that I sent to the teachers this weekend.

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Pilot Bus Tag System

Pfluger was asked to pilot a bus tag system for the rest of the school year. All bus riders got a bus tag on a yellow lanyard last week. When students get on and off the bus, they swipe their tags on a scanner. This adds a huge safety component for you and your children. The district can record the exact time and location that your child got on and off the bus. The district can monitor the buses and their routes more closely. We ask they do not wear them around their necks. Students are supposed to keep their lanyards on their backpacks to avoid them getting lost. The district anticipates this program will go to all elementary schools next school year.

I am excited to find new and improved ways to keep your children safe. Please email or call me if you have any questions.