Rankin Bulletin

Bulletin #16 - December 14, 2015

Week In Review

One more 5 day week and then we get to enjoy a 2 day week prior to the start of the winter break and a little relation!

Monday - New Specials!

Tuesday - FAC @ 8:00 am; I will be out of the building following FAC until 10:00. Steering Committee @ 4:15; Board Meeting @ 6:30

Wednesday - Early/Delayed Start @ 8:20

Thursday - I am out of the building today and Roy will be covering for me.

Friday - Staff Breakfast; I will be at court in the afternoon for several attendance cases

Congratulations to Leanne and Erin for their perseverance to the Mo'Peeps and Lil' Peeps. Their dedication and time commitment is evident with their great performances at tournaments. Both groups performed well this past weekend. Congratulations to the Mo'Peeps for taking third overall!

Jeans Monday and Tuesday (12/21 and 12/22 not tomorrow)

Interested in wearing jeans next week? When I made a donation to the United Way this week I noticed that only 8 people in the district (of over 400) have donated to the United Way campaign (on-line). I know United Way contributed greatly to Dye's reading area and I think it would be nice to contribute back to them. Make a donation to United Way through the online process, paper process emailed this past week or make a donation of $5 or more in the office and we will send it over to the administration building. A donation to United Way and you can wear jeans next week 2 days!

Refrigerator/Freezer clean out!

Our refrigerator and freezer have again accumulated items that appear to be in need of discard. If you have ANYTHING in the staff lounge refrigerator it must have your name and date on it Wednesday or it will be DISCARDED. It needs to be cleaned out prior to break and the parent club may need the space for their luncheon on 12/21 so we will be cleaning it out on Wednesday this week.

Staff Breakfast

Friday morning I will be serving breakfast in the media center beginning at 7:30 am. Join me for breakfast before we start our day! Left overs will be in the lounge.
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