Mrs. Lambert's Biology Class

Important INFO!

Edmodo: Join Our Online Classroom!

We will be using Edmodo on a daily basis. It is VERY easy to navigate and many students from our feeder schools have been using it for several years. You can download the APP to an Android or Apple device or view it from any computer's browser.

I will post outlines that students must study and other assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to pay attention and complete the assignments posted. The computer labs are open each morning before school to print out the outlines or assignments posted. (If you do not wish to use the computer lab and you have home access, you are welcome to print it from home.


Join Edmodo for a gold slip! (Two gold slips if your parent joins too!)

Student Logins

1st Block only: Group Code: 4yt28d Direct web link:

2nd Block only: Group Code:65d8xv Direct web link:

3rd Block only-Group Code: 7n7cbn Direct web link:

Parent Logins:

To do this, log into your child's account. You will find the Parent Code at the bottom of the left side panel on your child's account.

Email or Text Mrs. Lambert when needed! (256)431-0238

Sign up for Remind101- for announcements

Simply text your class group code to this phone number: (657) 500-4003

Type in the text box the appropriate code below in bold lettering.

1st Block: 1-biology

2nd Block: 2-biology

3rd Block: 3-biology

You will receive a prompt asking the student's Full Name

You will get a confirmation code.

Second method- Go to the website and sign up for email or text:

1st Block: Remind 101 Link:

2nd Block Remind 101 Link:

3rd Block Remind 101 Link: