Mental Health

Glass Castle

Glass Castle

Mental Health Condtions

''A mental health condition isn’t the result of one event. Research suggests multiple, interlinking causes.'' This quote contributes to the ''Glass Castle" showing that Rose Mary has mental illness and that is not caused by one event. It bottles up over time and it's just the icing on top of the cake, before it's ready to topple over eventually.

Civil Disobedience

"This picture of civil disobedience raises many questions. " This quote contibutes to the Glass Castle for many reasons. The Walls goes through so many situations when needing assistants when it comes to the law, but they refuse. Billy Dean shows up with a "gun" and starts firing rounds at the kids. The police dont show up, no neighbors, no witnesses. The wall children take matters into their own hands. When is it ok to take matters into ypour own hands, when is enough, enough?

Alcohol Alert

"Research suggests that many genes play a role in shaping alcoholism risk." This quote contributes to the Glass Castle, because of family dinamics. Rex Walls grew up in a family of children and parents that don't take care of each other. Rex grew up being sexually assaulted by his mother, he grew up with parents always being drunk and not in the picture at many times. That is a big problem with Rexes alcohol addiction, but he still plays a role in his own decisions.

School Attendace laws

Jeannette grew up on the move. She never got a real taste of a real childhood. She never had the chance to make friends in school. Her parents had always homeschooled and told the world threw her parents eyes. Jeannette is very bright and talented, but i do not agree with the way Jeannettes parents are raising her. She will just fall behind later on in life.

Parenting Rights In America

The Walls children grew trying to survive,starving and hopeless. They needed help and their parents wouldnt give it to them, they were to busy in bars and getting drunk. The welfare company came to visit but did not proceed inside the case. The children were needing help and rescue. The kids would go without food for days and weeks. While the parents are totally checked out of parenting they forget about their responsablites. Rex and Rose Mary Walls deserve to lose their parenting rights over their children.

Homeless Emergency Assistance And Rapid Transition To Housing Act

This Act of homelessness could have helped the Walls family in many diffrent ways. The Walls were always on the move, hopping from town to town. They would always have to leave clothing behind, shoes, accesorries, that would be helpful to get them through the week. The kids were always offered clothing and coats from their schools they attended, but their parents would always tll the children that they were more fortunate than others who really needed it.

Mental Health (Glass Castle)