Writing and such

smoring it up again!

Isaac Green

What an interesting title, right? just a name. A writer's name. This is what I put out there when I'm ready to show people what's up. This is the graham cracker on the top. This is my title. This is the label that gets smacked on any work that's been done. This is who I am.

Symbolism in writing.

So, I'm and INFP on the myers briggs, and introverted feelers tend to have a lot of meaning put into symbolism. This is really where a lot of my strength in writing comes from. That epic feeling that you get when you read something like "at night, they take me with them to where they live: beyond the horizon." (PWWE3) Here are some examples:

The Grand Finale

I bet you never expected a graham cracker on the bottom of the smore too. Well here it is. I look forward to seeing you all in the writing world. I can't wait to read your stories! See you around out there!