voting in Minnesota

how to vote

3 reasons why some cant vote.

1.) you cant vote if you don't have a permanent address.

2.) or if your a felon.

3.) or if your under 18.

3 qualification needed to vote

1.) need to be 18 years old or older

2.) live in a state for certain amount of time.

3.) have to be a us citizen.

why some don't vote

1.) because they don't know enough about voting.

2.) some don't feel like it, or there sick, or just moved.

3.) they don't know how to register or they don't want to learn about it.

how to register

1.) online

2.) provide email address.

3.) provide ID or drivers license.

election day

1.) Tues, November 8th.


1.) women suffrage #19

2.) race aloud to vote #15

3.) voting age to 18 #26

polling place

1.) MN vote

2.) zip code

3.) address

absentee ballot

1.) not going to be there on election day.

2.) available up to 46 days before election.

3.) do by 3 p.m election day.


1.) one of a # of districts.

2.) containing one polling place.

3.) for voting purposes.