Trepa Times

Week eighteen

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an opportunity to relax a bit and get rejuvenated for the new year!

Dr. Schutte will be resurrecting his cookies and conversations in the new year. This month, tentatively set for January 28th at 3:30, will be mandatory, however. Dr. Schutte will also be joined by our new Human Resources Director, Heather Stocking and Maxine McEnany, our business manager. They will be going over highlights of the new staff handbook with all of us. Once the date has been solidified, I will let you know. Until then, pencil in the 28th.

Duty Schedule

Gym duty: Hayward/Graham

Bus duty: Saxon

Pick up area: Parker

Crow Creek: Farnsworth/Bridges

The spring duty schedule is on the bulletin board for your convenience.

ST Math staff development opportunity

After our last culture and climate meeting, it was apparent that many staff would welcome an opportunity to have "meaningful" training in ST Math. Over break, I contacted our representative, Gina, and she is more than thrilled to help us out. Below is her response to my request:

" I often do 1-hour WebEx meetings during grade level team meetings, like you are describing. Meeting virtually provides us with a lot of flexibility that may better accommodate your teacher’s available times.

Let me know what you think and what day/s you are considering.

I look forward to working with your staff!"

Please forward me at least two dates and times this month that work for your team. I will then forward to Gina and see which times match. The nice thing about setting this up during team time is that it can be differentiated to meet your team's specific needs. If you need assistance with the tech side of WebEx meetings, I'm sure Sarah Honn, Jocelyn Kyte or Heather Hiatt would be happy to help. I have completed WebEx meetings in the past and there was nothing to it!

Classroom observations

For those of you on Tier 1 and Tier 2: year 3, I will be contacting you about days and times to perform our formal classroom observations this month.

For all teachers, I will be trying out a new system of feedback, based upon suggestions given during our culture and climate committee work. Whenever I informally observe (even for just a few minutes), I will be leaving feedback to you that includes something positive, some constructive criticism or food for thought and another positive. This feedback may be through email or in written form and will be completed prior to leaving your room.

Conversation/Coaching Time

Another suggestion that arose from our culture and climate committee work was the desire for me to have set times available for individual, professional conversations/coaching. Some people felt that staying status quo was fine with them, in that they felt their needs were being met. Others felt having set times to provide opportunities to have coaching conversations with me on an individual basis would be advantageous. So, you will notice that I have allotted "Professional Conversation/Coaching" times in my schedule. If you are interested in one or more of these times, please let me know ASAP so that I can try to avoid overlap with staff desiring this time. If no one signs up for a time, I will still make myself available at these times for "drop ins". Please understand that you are ALWAYS welcome to schedule different times with me if these don't work in your schedule.

Julie's Schedule


11:00 mtg. @ MT

1:00 Personal Conversation/Coaching


1:30 Admin. mtg.


8:15 IEP mtg.

9:00 IEP mtg.

3:30 Personal Conversation/Coaching


9:45 3rd grade team mtg.

12:45 1st grade team mtg.

1:45 kdg. team mtg.

3:30 PBIS mtg.

6:30 p.m. PTA board mtg. @ Hy-Vee


7:30 Personal Conversation/Coaching

8:45 2nd grade team mtg.

1:00 Elementary Principal's mtg.