This Week at Beit Moshe

Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Nissan - Parashat Tazria-Hachodesh

Zmanei Tfillah - Tefillah Schedule

Shacharit this week begins at 9 am at The Dairy Cafe.

100 Shuls Project

Beit Moshe is proud to support Yesh Tikva's 100 Shuls Project, an initiative raising awareness and sensitivity about infertility in the Orthodox community. Yoetzet Halacha Tova Sinensky will give the Dvar Torah this Shabbat on this important topic.
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Links to documents with more informtion about the 100 Shuls Project:

Mazal tov!

Mazal tov to the Hamermesh family on the bar-mitzvah of their son Noah next week, April 16th. Beit Moshe will be joining the Hamermesh's for davening at Kohelet Yeshiva High School.

Pesach at Beit Moshe

We will have Shacharit minyanim for all 4 days of Yom Tov beginning at 9:00 AM:

Saturday and Sunday, April 23rd and 24th

Friday and Saturday, April 29th and 30th

Volunteers for layning are needed! Click here to sign up!