by dominik cross

All About It

HIV can only infect humans what it does is:

  • It attacks and attaches to your body's cells,
  • Then it uses them to make copies of its' self,
  • In the process of copying its' self it destroys your body's cells
  • After it destroys enough of your cells it gives you AIDS (Acquired-immuno-deficiency-syndrome)
  • The virus is surrounded by a membrane made of fatty materials that are dotted with small spikes made of proteins
  • the viral genetic material is inside the membrane
  • it also contains several proteins needed to replicate

How it was spread

Scientists thought that HIV was started to be spread by a chimpanzee in western Africa

and humans hunted and ate the infected animal then started the spread of HIV which lead to the spread of AIDS

What is the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic

  • An epidemic is a spread of a disease/virus/infection/etc. in a certain state or states.
  • While a pandemic is a spread of a disease/virus/infection/etc. throughout the world

Treatments and how to prevent

if you don't treat HIV's it'll lead to AIDS

you gotta take drugs to keep em away

it'll keep AIDS away but HIV will always stay

if you don't take drugs HIV will take control is what i ment

that's enough on how to treat now hears how to prevent

if you get a vaccine every year

you will never have to fear

about getting HIV's that lead to AIDS