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February 2021

2020-2021 School Year Information

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As part of Career and Technical Education Month, CATEC was featured on local media. To read these articles or see the pictures, click below:



The Daily Progress

In the first week of March we are encouraging all our students to download our app to receive push notifications about school closings and news. Those who download the app can enter to win a $10 gift card! Click here to view the contest flyer.

Students and families who have already downloaded the CATEC, VA app should manually update the app to reflect changes that make the app more user friendly. Make sure you have gone into Settings to make sure you are receiving push notifications from the school and your specific program.

Director's Message

Dear CATEC Students and Families,

It is hard to believe we are at the end of February! It has been an unusual year, but I am very thankful we are resuming some normalcy. We are so happy to see students in the building excitedly learning skills. You know it is a good day when you see so many smiling faces even through masks. Our students have done an amazing job of following the COVID mitigation protocols and it only reinforces what a fantastic student body we have here at CATEC.

February is CTE month. For those of you who may not know, CTE stands for Career and Technical Education and CATEC is a CTE center. February is a time to celebrate all that a Career and Technical Education program can bring to a student’s life. Even beyond learning a trade, students have the opportunity to get real life experience working on cars, preparing food, participating in clinicals, and so much more. As an educational experience, there are few more rich opportunities for students to truly, deeply learn particular content than in a CTE course. Our students leave us well prepared with credentials and, if they choose, they can go off into the workforce immediately after graduation ready to work with no student debt.

As we steam ahead toward the end of the year, I want to express my gratitude to our students and families for your grace with all the shifts and changes. We appreciate you all and look forward to smooth sailing to the end of the 2020-21 school year.


Stephanie Carter

CATEC Director

School Counseling

CATEC is hosting its Virtual Curriculum Night on Thursday, March 4th from 6:00-7:30 pm. If you want to learn about other CATEC classes for next year, please join us. Help us spread the word to family and friends about our event. Families can participate through this Zoom link:

The School Counseling Office is located in the Career and Counseling Office. Ms. Wilson has created a Calming Room to help students (and families) find calm if they need a break during the day. If you have any questions, please email

Career Development & Workplace Readiness

In Career Development this month, students learned about the concept of branding and worked on creating branding statements for themselves. Students' branding statements directly tie into their skillset and industry and will be put on the top of their resumes. Students begin making their industry-specific resumes in March or April and will learn about making good first impressions in job interviews.

Programs focused on the following VA Workplace Readiness Skills: #21 Reading and Writing and #19 Mathematics.

Automotive Body Repair

In February, Auto Body Repair students completed 3 new industry certifications. Students have completed hands-on dent repair and have started refinishing hands-on projects. They removed dents from damaged fenders utilizing metal straightening techniques, mixed and applied body filler and sanded to finial contour following industry standards. Next month they will continue refinishing hands on projects.

Cosmetology I and II

Cosmetology II students spent February working on their Vision Boards and used State Board Practical Examination Services. Students became certified in Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking Awareness training. Next month, students will complete 32 chapters of content using games and activities, called "March Madness."

Culinary Arts I and II

Culinary Arts students were busy in February. Intro to Culinary Arts and Culinary Arts I students learned about Fish at the start of the February. They made Fish En Papillote and Shrimp and Grits, then sold them to the staff for lunch. They moved into Stocks and Soups. Culinary 2 students learned about Egg, Dairy, and Breakfast. Chefs Rizzo and Davis are especially proud of Coleek, who passed his ServSafe Manager Exam! In March, Culinary Arts I students will be continuing stock and moving into mother sauces. Culinary Arts II students will work on secondary sauces and move into making fresh pasta.

In February, all Culinary Arts students participated in the planning, prepping, cooking, and customer service skills needed to make CATEC's food bus, Technical Eats! serve its first meal this year. Up and running for the last three years, Technical Eats! runs as food truck business where students gain work-based learning skills. Because of the unique challenges classes have faced this year, the food bus has not been able to travel around Charlottesville. To wrap up our celebration of CTE Month, Technical Eats! served food to the community in the CATEC parking lot and it was a big success. The following news outlets covered this event: NBC29, CBS19, The Daily Progress.

Emergency Medical Technician

EMT students spent February practicing splinting skills, patient assessment skills, and Management of Cardiac, Respiratory, and Allergic Reaction emergencies. They spent time on comprehensive scenarios covering lessons going back to the beginning of the year. For example, students were given "dispatch information," then performed an assessment, provided airway management (using a manikin), assessed vital signs, decided on appropriate interventions for the patient, and wrote a Patient Care Report for the scenario. Students will have additional opportunities for students to come into the building for skills soon, beyond the 1 day per week they are assigned. Stay tuned, information will be sent out via email.

Fire Science

Students this month have completed Forcible Entry Skills, Ladder Skills, and continue to work on Ropes and Knot Skills. Each student has done an excellent job with their Emergency Incident Critiques, which is held on Zoom Session each week. The class is in the process of completing the online portion of Basic First Aid and CPR, so they can be skill tested for that soon. Students have worked on Firefighter I Skills and Competency Skills as well. The class holds a Zoom Session on Thursdays at 0930 to complete the Fire Emergency Critiques, to complete Work Place Readiness Skills, and to review for the upcoming week skills to be completed. Also starting this semester, Captain Elliot will do "Instructor Student/Communication." This is where the class will communicate with email and other forms of communication while not in the classroom to assure that important information put out is viewed or for us to have general communication.

Nurse Assistant

In February, Nurse Assistant students finished up the academic work for their Personal Care Skills Unit and are now practicing those skills in the lab. This unit included nutrition, which is also a dual enrollment class with Piedmont Virginia Community College. Students have learned about normal nutrition and even analyzed our their diets this week. Next week, students will focus on helping patients with mobility and how that can affect their overall health. In mid-March they will move on to Safety Measures and Emergency Care, which includes CPR and First Aid certification. They are increasing their time at CATEC to 2 days a week starting on March 8th. This will allow students to have the required number of hours to participate in clinicals next quarter and to eventually be eligible for CNA certification. CHS students will be here on Monday and Tuesday and ACPS students will come in on Wednesday and Thursday.

Veterinary Science

In the past month, Vet Science students learned all about the many types of digestive systems animals have, and they completed their unit on nutrition. Students can now calculate how many calories specific pets need during a day, and choose the best foods (and amounts) to feed to their pets or patients. Students also learned how to “decode” pet food labels to cut past the sales gimmicks and see the true quality of different pet foods. They analyzed pet foods for the presence of specific nutrients, started learning the basics of animal restraint. They are DONE with anatomy and physiology and can now move on to some fun stuff!

Academic Courses: English 11, English 12/Government, & Personal Finance/Economics

With the release of CATEC's Program of Studies for the 2021-2022 school year, we are emphasizing our academic course offerings next year. CATEC students will have opportunities to integrate more required academic classes into their trade classes. Click here to read more about integrated academic classes for next year.

English 11
students have been deep diving into six major controversies in the beauty industry, including lack of diversity, social media influencers, animal testing, and the environmental impact of beauty. Students will be creating either a persuasive blog or vlog defending their stance on a beauty controversy. These blogs and vlogs will be posted on the CATEC Cosmetology blog site "One Curl at a Time." By practicing persuasive writing, we are also preparing to take the Work Keys Writing exam, which will be given the last week of March.

English 12/Government students learned all about the powers of the Legislative Branch and how the members of Congress (at both the state and federal level) put those powers into action. Throughout the unit, students gave "Daily Briefings" on hot topics in the news and will end the unit by creating a persuasive letter to send to a representative or to a local newspaper.

Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs

Spring semester classes have begun. Another round of Adult Nurse Aide and Medication Aide classes will begin in March. The Adult Education and Apprenticeship Program offers lots of online courses; visit their webpage to see a full list of classes you can take right from home. Interested students should contact us or visit the website for more information. The program also accepts Veteran's benefits.

Congratulations Program Manager Shannon Tomlin for continuing to build relationships with local employers. Click here to read about her work with Design Electric.

Visit or call us at 434-973-4461 for inquiries.