Promotion Possibilities

Emma Fletcher

Premium Item Giveaways

A giveaway of items or an item often related to the venue that is given away on a specific day.

-Bobble head day at the Rangers Stadium

-Taco Tuesday for the Mavs/Stars

Contests and Sweepstakes

The consumer is automatically entered into the event by purchasing the product.


Consumers get one sample for free, after their trial and then could decide whether to buy or not.

Point of Purchase Displays

Point-of-sale displays:-
  • Aisle interrupter: A sign that juts into the aisle from the shelf.
  • Dangler: A sign that sways when a consumer walks by it.
  • Dump bin: A bin full of products dumped inside.
  • Glorifier: A small stage that elevates a product above other products.

Special Events

A one time or so event that draws people in to the venue or sports games.

-Superbowl Halftime Show

-Fireworks at a Baseball game

-Concerts after games


Coupons or discounts are distributed by mail, published in newspapers and magazines or delivered in person. Coupon distribution pulls customers in and encourages them to buy within a specific period. A picture of your product or service should be included on a coupon, along with the discount rate and expiration date. Target customers who would not normally purchase your product or service.
Sales promotion video