Media Minutes

Technology and Media Center Tidbits, September, 2014

IPad Cart, Laptop Cart and Lab Checkout

Did you know that there is an ipad CART and a laptop CART for checkout? The schedules are available in MAPSApps Calendars. Teachers need to RESERVE the ipads on the clipboards in the media center (circulation desk next to the newspapers as you enter the media center. Reserve the number of devices that you need. On the day that you need the devices, SIGN THEM OUT on the checkout list on the cart. IF A DEVICE DOES NOT WORK, PLEASE LET KATHY OR GINNY KNOW. THANKS If you want to checkout the blue computer lab, you will find that calendar in your google calendars.


The media department has created a district-wide scope and sequence for citations. A poster is on the bulletin board in the Blue Lab. If you are doing any type of citation and the requirements are not specified, please use the district guidelines. THANK YOU.

Interlibrary Loan

Looking to do a project where you need a book or books that are NOT in the Rosa Parks Collection? Don't dispair. Don't go and buy the book. Let Ginny or myself know and we will do an inter-libary loan and get it from another elementary media center in the district. Also, if there are any subjects, books or authors that you think should be in our media collection, let me know. I will be doing a book order in the next month or so.

That's It

Thanks for your patience! Have a great day! Kathy