Three Toed Sloth

By: Karina Trejo


Sloths are meant to be in trees. They spend just about all their lives in the treetops. They sleep about 15-20 hours a day. They are more active at night. On land sloths have weak hind legs and are not able to move around. They must use their front legs with their claws to dig in the ground and the drag their bellies across the floor. On land sloths have no chance against predators. Surprisingly sloths are good swimmers and their long arms help them swim.

Causes of Endangerment

A major reason the sloth is endangered is because they are an easy target for predators. They do not move very fast so they do not really have anything to protect themselves with other than their claws.

Money is being collected to help protect these animals as much as possible. A project is being done using Isla Escudo de Veraguas as a unique habitat for the sloth.

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