Iguana Ice Cream - Vanilla/$1.99 & Chocolate/$1.99

Monkey Meat McPie - $3.50

Grilled McCroc McRibs - $4.25

British McBiscuit - $1.50

Pineapple McParfait - $2.75

Platypus McPasta - $5.00

McFox Burger - Burger/$1.75 & Combo/$3.50

Employee Dress Code

The Employee Dress Code for our building is a red shirt that is given by the company, and black pants.

Building Design

Our building is made in a different design from the rest of the world. We have 3 arches that support the building. Our building is made out of stone. We have upgraded the inside to more technology. We have IPads and 3D TVs.


How I think this relates to globalization is how the food is different in all parts of the world, but they still all keep the McDonald's nicknames. They keep the tradition of clothing around the world. It also relates to globalization because its 2 different cultures mixed together.