Teenos Angels

A diverse safe haven, for actresses,models,athletes & more.

We provide legitimate castings and representation for our clients and customers

We can currently offer opportunities for :




Upcoming Movie, Commercial and Print Castings.

Video Bio

Photo Shoots

Red carpet events

Marketing, Promotion, Management.

We specialize in assisting clothing designers.

Have our staff help market your clothing.

We are Teenos Angels

Our CEO Valinteno Kenlock, currently works with Jack Thriller as a co host for his show 16orbetter. He is an casting agent, and a casting manager.

As a casting agent in his first year from November 2013 to November 2014, he has successfully landed models and actresses in

Fox 5 Gotham, Dream Works new movie The Intern starring Robert De Niro, Love and Hip Hop. Valinteno has also landed himself a role in

Keanu Reeves up coming movie Daughter of God as an extra, Gotham on Fox 5 as an extra, and Love and Hip hop as an eextra.