Crusaders News

August 28, 2018

Agape Crusaders Are STARS!

First day of school found our students and several parents walking the red carpet. Staff and some of our high school students joined in welcoming them to school. It was a BLAST!

Our Theme: Responsibility, Accountability, and Ownership

Our theme or focus for this school year is: Accepting Responsibility for our actions, Being Accountable for our results, and Taking Ownership of our mistakes.

Pancake Breakfast

Our back to school pancake breakfast was a huge success! Thank you to all the families that came out to meet the staff and to fellowship with each other. Shout outs to the staff for making our building shine!

Crusader Hooded Sweatshirts Are Here!

Our hooded sweatshirts are on sale for $25. If you would like one, let Mrs. Showalter know what size you will need. Also, many parents commented on our cool Wednesday t-shirt. If you would like one for yourself, the cost is $10.00. Mrs. Showalter will be placing an order on September 7th, if we don't have your size.

Introducing Our Staff---One Newsletter at a Time

Lisa: Why do you like to teach?

Ms. Beth: I like to teach because it gives me pleasure when someone who doesn't understand something finally gets it.

Lisa: How long have you been teaching?

Ms. Beth: I have been teaching since 1981, which is 37 years.

Lisa: What do you like to do on your spare time?

Ms. Beth: I like to watch dancing shows, watch movies, read, and get together with friends to play cards or games.

Lisa: What is your favorite food?

Ms. Beth: My favorite food is probably Mexican and Thai. I also like peanut butter pie.

Lisa: How many and what kind of pets do you have?

Ms. Beth: Two cats, Boaz and Obadiah, but we call them Bo and Obi.

Lisa: Where would you like to travel?

Ms. Beth: I would love to go to Sweden because my two cousins live there. I would also like to go on an Alaskan cruise with my girl cousins on my mom's side.

Wednesday Lunches

Tator Tot Casserole was our kick off lunch on 08/29/2018. It was yummy! Wednesday lunches was started by Ms. Melinda Bowers as a ministry at First Brethren Church six years ago. Ms. Melinda still leads the ministry and she has had many helpers throughout the years. This year, she is working with Ms. Jane Showalter and Ms. Ruth Schay to bring meals to us. On September 12th, we will be celebrating the September birthdays. If your child is having a birthday in September and you would like to come to lunch, please let Mrs. Showalter know by September 6th so she can let the Lunch Ministry know the additional count. If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of the meals on Wednesday, make your check payable to First Brethren Church and put ACS Wednesday Lunches on the check.

Mulching the Playground

Before school started several students and families came out to mulch the playground. A HUGE thank you goes out to Mr. Dan Troyer for bringing the mini dump truck that brought the mulch into the play area. Thank you to the following people for their hard work: Mrs. Pauline Troyer, Lindsey, Logan, Mrs. Dawn Bowen, Mileena, Lavanna, Kitana, Ms. Luz Vargas, Mrs. Heidi Platt, Mrs. Rebekah Tow, Bradley, Canaidja, Mr. Jose Morales, Ms. Beth Schlabach, Mrs. Sandy Cartner, and Mrs. Cindy Showalter.

Chapel on Wednesdays

Chapel is about God. Chapel is awesome. We have Ninja Shirt Folding contests. I like how the preacher preaches. He has taught us many ways of belief. By Ryllen

Chapel is good because the pastor is fun. He lets us play the drums. He also let us bring a shirt and he showed us how to fold like a Ninja. Pastor Stone plays the guitar well. He turns his sermon into fun. I like Pastor Stone! By Kanden