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4th Grade Updates!


Friday, September 11th - Interims will be issued on HAC (Home Access Center)

Friday, September 11th- First Book Talk is due today

Monday, September 14th at 3:30 in the Media Center -First SAC Meeting

Friday, October 2nd - Wonder Project Due today

Classroom Updates

Curriculum Chat:

Thank you to all who came out to our 4th Grade Curriculum Chat. If you could not make it as we all have busy lives, I do understand. I have sent out my power point of the evening so you can be aware of what will be happening in your child's 4th Grade Classroom. Thank you :)

Interim Reports/Envelope/HAC:

Your student will come home with an envelope on Friday for the first quarter's interim report. Since the district has switched over to the Home Access Center (HAC), you can access your student's grades at any time. Please review the grades on HAC, and sign the appropriate line on the envelope to show you've reviewed the grades with your students. Return the envelope to school as soon as possible. If you are having problems accessing HAC, please email Tracy Collins at

Cooking Donations Needed:

We are requesting that each student donate $10 to our yearly class-cooking fund. Please send your donation in an envelope marked cooking mom. Gift cards to Publix/Winn Dixie are accepted, but cash is always welcomed! This will be a one-time donation! Our cooking groups will be scheduled at different times throughout the year. If you would like to help with some of the activities, please email our cooking moms, Jori Collette, and Marilu Elisa Gonzalez, Our cooking recipes will be chosen to coincide with our class studies or the seasons. Thank you for your participation and donation.

Wish List:

-Sunshine State Books that can be donated to our classroom library, as students are asking to read them.

- Treats for our treat box - Air heads, Starbursts, Jolly ranchers, peppermints

  • - Eraser caps
  • Thank you for all the wish list items that have been brought in. I really appreciate you taking your time to get and send in the items I have requested to use in the classroom.
  • Book Talks

    Book talks are short presentations (no more than 5 minutes in length) that are intended for sharing about books we love with our peers! Book Talks provide a “snapshot” of a book that highlights the plot, setting, characters, theme and main idea. Through sharing about the books we read, students deepen their understanding of literary elements and presentation skills while being exposed to a wide variety of literature!

    Students have received the book talk information and have the requirements in their homework binder. Below is the book talk schedule so you have it on hand. If you have any questions please email me. Thank you.

    See schedule below:

    Big image

    Curriculum Notes

    Reading -

    Novel: The 7 Wonders of Sassafras Springs.

    Skills: Setting, characters, making connections, theme of a story & a poem, and making inferences. Unit 2 Ready Florida LAFS Summative Test will be on Wednesday, Sept. 9th

    Read 4 or More: Students should be reading nightly at home. Remember to keep your child’s minutes logged for weekly checks. Calendars will be collected at the end of each month.

    Math -

    Quarter 1 - Topic 2 –

    4.OA.1.1a – Algebraic Expressions - use link below for lesson on expressions.

    Use this link as practice for expressions.

    4.OA.1.2 – Comparison Equations - multiply or divide to solve word problems

    4.OA.1.1b – Determine if an equation is true or false by using reasonable thinking.

    Multiplication fluency drills have started, please be studying with your child at home.

    Summative Test on Friday, Sept. 11th - Students can prepare by using their Math Journal as a resource and remember to use IXL or Studyisland to review all skills. (See links at end of newsletter for online access.)

    Writing - Being a Writer - Students will be choosing a piece of writing and we will go through the Writing Process. See second email for a letter on how to continue to help your child at home with writing.

    Language - continue run-on sentences.

    Conventions - Relative Adverbs and Pronouns

    Science -

    Chapter 5 – How Do Earth and Its Moon Move? - Summative test will be on Friday, Sept. 11th. Students can study text pages 196 – 197, along with reading the chapter.

    Social Studies -

    Chapter 1 – Florida’s Geography

    Thanks for reading the updates this week. If you ever have questions about ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to ask. I truly believe the teacher-parent partnership is a crucial part of a school year, and I know this year is going to be great!

    Monthly Focus

    Teachers will be picking one student from their class to represent the pillar of the month. The student who is picked will be invited to a breakfast with their parents to honor them.

    September – Fairness

    October – Responsibility

    November – Citizenship

    January – Respect

    February – Caring

    March – Trustworthiness

    April- All Pillars

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