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March 2016 - Issue #4

15% Off Your Next Order

At Plexus Worldwide, our mission is to enhance the health and happiness of people who use our products, and as our CEO Tarl Robinson mentioned in a video last week, we haven't been living up to that mission due to our slow shipping times. We know how important it is for you to receive your order on time, and we appreciate your patience throughout our recent shipping issues. Our shipping times are improving and as a thank you, Plexus Worldwide wants to give you something special.

Use the promo code THANKS to receive 15% percent off your next order. This is a one-time use promo code that you can use between now and Friday, April 15th. Enter promo code THANKS in the Promo Box as seen below, then click Enter Amount to apply the discount.

If you are currently a Preferred Customer with auto-ship turned on, your next auto-ship should automatically have this 15% discount. If you are a Retail Customer, you will need to use this promo code when you order. If you are an Ambassador, you will need to place an order (not your regular back up order) and use the promo code to take advantage of this offer.

This promo code can be used once. Promotion is valid from Friday, March 18 through Friday, April 15th at 11:59 PM EDT. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Getting Through a Plateau: Try Varying your Routine

Do you have a weight-loss goal that you're not meeting because you hit a plateau? There are all kinds of reasons for plateaus and just as many ways to move forward. First, get honest with yourself about meeting your water goals and taking your products. (Are you hitting your water goal every day? Are you taking your products consistently?)

Then, talk to your Ambassador about changing up your program. I recently hit a plateau and was able to move forward through changing up my routine. You can add an enhancer like Boost or Accelerator+. You can switch out products. You can change the times that you take your products. (For example, taking your Slim before lunch, rather than before breakfast.)

There are many possibilities, so talk to your Ambassador if you feel like you're not making the progress you'd like to see. We just might have the perfect suggestion for you!

Spotlight on: XFactor Vitamins

XFactor is Plexus' answer to your multi-vitamin needs. I honestly have not had so much as a sniffle since I started taking XFactor. I thought I was on a good (well researched!) vitamin before, but now I've seen the difference. I love the way my body easily absorbs the nutrients in XFactor!

Consuming multivitamin supplements is a good thing. With our poor diets and all the other threats to our health, it’s critical to have a high-quality food source of vital nutrients. But did you know that even if you’re taking a multivitamin product, you’re probably not getting nearly the level of superior-quality nutrients you thought you were? In fact, studies suggest that the majority of multivitamin products are of poor quality and difficult for the body’s digestive tract to break down, digest and absorb. But there’s great news! Plexus, a world-recognized leader in the health and nutritional industries, has developed a breakthrough in vitamin supplements. Plexus X Factor is a turbocharged multivitamin and antioxidant supplement with a never-before-seen formulation of a patented aloe blend and New Zealand Blackcurrant of which results in vastly improved absorption and assimilation for optimal nutrition and wellness protection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Delivers several B vitamins, vitamins D, C and E, the antioxidant protection of New Zealand Blackcurrants, and the impressive nutrient profile of Aloe
  • Oxygenates the body, safeguarding against damaged/dysfunctional cells
  • Provides super-potent antioxidant protection
  • Delivers support for whole-body wellness
  • Supports the body’s functions, processes and systems
  • Super-charges the body’s various immune activities

Do You Love a DEAL? Here's a GREAT one! Only ONE spot left!

GREAT REASONS to become an Ambassador in March!

  1. There's are only ONE spot left for you to join our supportive team with this awesome March rebate deal! ($17 off of sign-up PLUS 15% off of your Welcome Pack)
  2. You love your Plexus products and want to get them at the best price, with complete control over your purchasing account.
  3. You love having the opportunity to help others get healthy and sharing Plexus is the most fun "job" ever!

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