By: Kelsee K Neuroth

mother= Ceto

father= Phorcys


known as= Skulla

children= Scylla Brood


spouse= Charybdis

I am related to Scylla because I can eat a lot of food like Scylla can eat 6 men or people. I chose Scylla because she is a monster and I love monsters.
  1. She has six arms, six heads with four eyes each and at the lower part of her body, six hideous dogs with mouths containing three rows of razor sharp teeth and with a fully expanded neck, she is 15 feet tall and the necks are five feet long each.
  2. She was formerly a beautiful maiden
  3. Glaucus who was madly in love with Scylla and he ask Circe for a love potion.
  4. Circe fell in love with him but he still wanted Scylla.
  5. Circe was so mad that she made a poison to damage Scylla's beauty and put the poison in Scylla's bathing spot.
  6. When Scylla took a bath, she turned into a monster.
  7. In other versions of the legend, Poseidon fell in love with Scylla and a jealous Amphitrite asked Circe for a poison to punish her.
  8. Circe warned Odysseus that if he sailed too close to Charybdis, the monster would swallow his whole boat and suck it down the sea in her regular routine and if Odysseus could sail by Scylla and take his losses or he could linger and fight Scylla, thus loosing the entire crew to Charybdis.
  9. Odysseus was taken by surprise. They gave Charybdis a wide birth and sailed near Scylla's rock. While Charybdis kept their attention with her gushing and sputtering, Scylla swooped down unseen and snatched up six of the crew.
  10. Their legs and torsos were dangling from Scylla's mouths as she lifted them to her cave to eat them. They screamed for Odysseus and begged for help but he stood helpless on the deck with the rest of the terrified crew. Odysseus said it was the most pitiful scene his long-suffering eyes had ever seen. When Herakles brought back Geryon's cattle's Scylla snapped up on of the cow and ate it. Herakles killed Scylla but she was later resuscitated by Phorcys.