Loaded Laundry

By Meredith Mark --- Chore Poem

Loaded Laundry

Her name was Meredith Mark

She was as tidy as could be

Her brother on the other hand

Was not so much you see

She had to do the laundry

But she thought it wasn't fair

Because every time she him

She saw sights she couldn't bare

As the day went on

He would start to reek

Like rotten pizza staked on feet

As is he hadn't showered in a week

He'd pile his clothes in the closet

And then many more on the floor

But it really didn't seem to matter

After all it wasn't his chore

Eventually she couldn't stand it

She really couldn't handle this

She'd yell at the mess and clutter

Why it was ludacris

Soon there was a problem

It became a real vile pile

Even a dirt caked shirt

Was enough to turn her rile

Without her care there was despair

For he wouldn't clean his underwear

It became an issue, too

Because nobody else would even dare

Time passed and it took its toll

It was if the clothing had climbed the cieling

And their house was a wet wacky wasteland

I seemed to give everyone a funny feeling

Still Meredith resisted

Not knowing it was too late

For now there was no way or day

To change their soon doomed fate

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