Summer Learning

Hello Parents!

It's getting to be the end of the year and it will be the last day before we know it! I have enjoyed being your teacher this year and hope that you all have had a great year! As you know, all kids are unique and they learn differently. If you feel that your child may benefit from a summer learning, be looking for the attached flyer to come home soon. Mrs. Crowson and I will have our own one-on-one tutoring sessions available this summer to keep your child learning and ready for 2nd grade.

Tutoring sessions will be specifically planned to meet the needs of your child. If you attended the parent meeting with 2nd grade teachers, you have a better understanding of what's ahead. If your child has mastered first grade skills and you want to get a head start on 2nd grade, that is a good option also. I have access to the 2nd grade math curriculum and can help with that!

Math Fact Fluency Goals

Math fact fluency is key. I've lovingly pushed it all year! The Louisiana Department of Education standards for first grade for adding and subtracting within 20 and demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10 has been a key component in first grade math.

Math fact fluency has been incorporated with the Rainbow Math Ring which was highly successful. Nearly every student passed all levels of addition and subtraction and 8 students completed all levels of Rainbow Math multiplication facts 1-12.

In addition to the math textbook and Excel Math, I have incorporated math facts with fun activities like Fitness and Fluency, math games, OSMO math, and our most recent challenge is Math Knockout with math facts 11-20. The goal is to be able to add and subtract within 10 fluently. If a child can fluently add and subtract the basic math facts 1-10, they can add and subtract multi-digit numbers with ease. We've made math facts fun! Please keep this up by downloading fun math apps on your iPad or quiz with flashcards.

Fun Math Fact Apps

Summer Packet Challenge

I will be sending home a "Ready Made for Second Grade" packet the last week of school. If your child returns this packet fully completed to me or their new teacher on the first day of school next year, they can enter to win a special prize from ME!

Last year, Lila Napoli was one of many who completed the entire packet and whose name was drawn, winning a brand new Gator Green iPod shuffle!

Encourage your child to continue learning with these review skills to prevent the summer slide! Each fully completed packet will put your child into a drawing for a reward personally from me! (1 name will be drawn for the big prize, but everyone who completes the packet will receive a small prize)

All students are not the same, so all packets will not be the same!

Double entrees will be given to those students who complete this packet as well as the Excel math pack if returned completed.

Lila worked hard. Be like Lila!

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Fun Educational Websites

My summer tutoring schedule. A paper copy will be sent home with your child.

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