Nearpod Make and Take

Nearpod Make and Take

Using tools like Nearpod allows teachers ways to engage students with interactive presentations.

Please watch the short introduction video below.

Part 1: create account and explore

1. Go to

2. Create necessary account (Sign in with Google)

3. Spend some time "exploring" free created content available for immediate use

4. Select "add to my library" when you find one or more you want to use

5. Select "My Library " and select a lesson and choose edit.

6. Take time to explore the editing options available to make it yours

Part 2: Creating NEW content

1. Watch this creating with Nearpod video

2. From the "My Library" page select "NEW Lesson"

3. Select Add Content or Add Activity

4. Continue adding content as needed for your creation

5. Please "share" your creation link to our ICYMI Padlet link.

Part 3: Make and Take (Optional)

Please join me for a collaborative Nearpod Make and Take opportunity on Tuesday, June 13 from 10:00-11:30am. This is an optional time to come in for support on creating a Nearpod presentation.

Bonus TIP!!

Nearpodize this: Check this out!!


1.Post reflection regarding your thoughts on Nearpod to our ICYMI Padlet link.

2. Please fill out this survey after completing your Nearpod PD activities.

Nearpod - How it Works