Persia Wars



In Persia their was three emperors. King Darius, who was the first ruler. Then came Cyrus and Xerxes, as the next rulers. In every story there is a bad guy, if you were on the Persians side Alexander the Great would be the man. He was a king of Macedon and lived for thirty-three years. He took over almost all of Persia.


What was the Persian Empire? Too sum it up, in the 6th century B.C. in the Southern part of Asia, was where it started. It expanded any grew stronger through many wars and battles. In the 4th Century B.C. was when the reign fell. Alexander the Great charged in and tore Persia apart.

Kings of the Empire


Persia lies east of Iran. It isn't dry dessert, but yet it definitley isn't grassy green land. It was well known for cattle grassing and sheep herding. This is a map is Persia back then:
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There is a lot of very important dates in the Persian Empire. Some of the important ones are when the Royal Road came into use in 3500 B.C. The Royal Road was the path that let Alexander the Great to victory. Another important date is when the Persian Empire collapsed in 330 B.C.


You cannot just go into battle for fun, The Persians always went in for a reason. Sometimes it was trying to get more land. Other times it was trying to get slaves. Alexander the Great attacked Persia because he was very prideful and wanted to brag that he took down the empire. The persians were also very showy. They sometimes went to battle for bragging rights too.