Area 51

Taylor Hedges

Who, What, When, Where, Why

Area 51 was created in the 1950's as a Air Force test site in Groom Lake, Nevada. The Central Intelligence Agency established the Groom Lake test facility during Project AQUATONE. This is where the Lockheed U-2 spy plane was created. Construction costs were estimated to be $200,000- $225,000. However the base requirements changed to over 300% larger than planned. It is said that structures are built deep into the desert floor, with buildings going down thirty to forty stories below the surface. The size of the base is six miles wide by ten miles long. Recently the Federal government has seized an additional 85,000 acres surrounding the base to keep observers at a distance.

Perspective 1

A lot of people believe Area 51 is hiding Aliens and their space craft. Since we have discovered that there are millions of other planets, others have to be like ours. This has to mean there is other life out in the universe. Area 51 is thought to be hiding Alien life to research and test on. We believe that they are trying to reconstruct their technology for our own use.

Perspective 2

The moon landing was theorized to be staged at area 51. Various space equipment – including land rovers and life support systems – were tested by the astronauts at the adjoining nuclear testing grounds. The flag that was placed on the moon appears to be waving in the wind, however there is no wind in space. It's though that Kubrick was forced to be apart of faking the landing, so he left clues around to prove the truth later in the future. Shadows in the picture do not match up. Scientist in 1961 discovered that it would be impossible to travel to space because the Van Allen radiation belts will kill anybody who tries to reach the moon. As a result JFK was going to cancel the Apollo program. That's the reason JFK was assonated with is another conspiracy.
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Media Bias

The media bias is that Area 51 is where scientists reverse-engineered alien technology. Even if the government wanted to release what they were up to, they couldn't possibly do that because other countries and spies have their eyes and ears on us 24/7. many people are so fascinated with Area 51 because the mystery of what is hidden there is so fascinating. Though the existence of the base was classified for decades, it has been officially acknowledged for nearly 20 years.

Historical Critisism

Area 51 is a huge part in history. Whether its dealing with the moon landing, alien space craft, or even JFK, this place is the most known place for the curiosity to the public. It has been around since the 1950's and has only been known about for about 20 years now. They have built vast amounts of technology there and wouldn't tell the public. Later on they released that UFO's were unidentified objects.

Marxis Criticism

The government spent an enormous amount of money to build Area 51. Its said that the whole place was built underground so the public couldn't get an idea of what it looks like. They spent a lot of money to build the perimeter, place camera, and keep security up at all times. The true amount of money is unknown to the public. I'm sure they are still building and working with technology that is unknown of.
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