By: Austin, Tate, Ben, Jake

History of Goverment in Colombia

Colombia started out as the 1st Republic of Colombia in 1819 after declaring independence from Spain. Colombia has a unitary presidential constitutional republic in which the country is led by a president. The 1st president of the 1st Republic of Colombia in 1919 was Simon Bolivar Palacios. He served in office from 1819-1821. The 1st Republic of Colombia later changed their name to the Republic of New Granada in 1831. The first president of New Granada was Jose Maria Obando del Campo. He served from 1831-1832. In 1858, New Granada changed to the Granadine Confederation. The first president of the Granadine Confederation was Mariano Ospina Rodriguez. He served from 1858-1861. In 1863, the Granadine Confederation changed its name to the United States of Colombia. The first president of the united States of Colombia was Francisco Javier Zaldua y Racines. He served from for six days from February 4-February 10, 1863. Later in 1886, the United States of Colombia changed into the Republic of Colombia (which is what Colombia is known as today). The first president of the Republic of Colombia was Jose Maria Campo Serrano. He served from 1886-1887.

Current Goverment Leadership

The Colombian government today is a lot like the government that we have here in the United States. They have a representative democracy. They have three branches, executive, legislative, and judicial just like the US. The president of columbia is Juan Manuel Santos.

Relationship and Relavence to the United States

On October 12, 2011 President Barack Obama announced that the United States and Colombia would have a new trade agreement that would take effect on May 15, 2012. In 2011 the U.S. exported about 14.3 billion dollars to Colombia, with this new agreement it is estimated that the U.S. GDP will increase by 2.5 billion dollars. Although the United States and Colombia have this new trade agreement, they are actually fighting a war against each other. Colombia is a major exporter of drugs, and the drug cartels all try to get their drugs to America. The American military is figuring out that the Colombian drug cartels are smuggling drugs into the U.S. by using submarines. They all can’t be stopped because they come in at all different times from many different places. This is been an ongoing war and the U.S. is having trouble stopping it.

Significant Events

Colombia gained independence on July 20th, 1810. Colombia has had many wars ranging from dates of 1828-present. Many of which have been civil wars. Colombia has very many genocide attacks throughout its independence in 1810. In Colombia they are trying to add policies to improve security.