Problems in Our World

Mistreatment of the Mentally Handicapped

As I personally have a brother with down syndrome, I find the mistreatment of those with "special needs" to hit very close to home and angers me a lot. I find that people with special needs are often ridiculed just for being born differently, and I view it as a modern form of racism.

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Cardiovascular Disease

Problems with the heart are very serious and can easily threaten lives. Though surgeries can correct issues with the heart, these surgeries are often very complicated and have negative effects. Work needs to be done so that these surgeries have a higher success rate with less negative effects with them.

Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is a constant problem, and always has been. People have abused animals for years and, though laws are put in place, it is still easy to act in secret and it is still a constant problem. Mistreatment of animals is something that breaks many people's hearts, and for whatever reason still exists.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse, another problem that has plagued society for centuries. Drugs absolutely destroy a person's life and their families, and despite how horrible they are, people still do them. If drug addiction stopped, an enormous number of lives would be saved.


Debatably the most broad and obvious choice, bullying is still one of the largest issues in society, and has led to suicides, more bullies, and depression all around the world. Almost anybody is saddened when seeing a kid getting picked on, unless they are a bully themselves.