Comparison of World Religions

Alex Grier


  • Developed out of Judaism
  • Jesus Christ started Christainty
  • Monotheistic, God and the son of God Jesus Christ
  • Christians believe in justification by faith; salvation, and life after death
  • Started in Judea
  • Started 2000 years ago
  • A little teenager named David, challeged a big man named Goliath. They thought David stood no chance against the giant but David had God on his side. He picked up his sling shot and hit the giant with two rocks and killed Goliath.
  • 2 billion people
  • The 12 disciples started spreading the religion first, then missionaries helped the spread
  • The Holy Bible
  • God, Jesus Christ, Clergy, Congregations, Believers
  • God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit


  • Started by the Seven Sages
  • Anicent people named Aryans started Hinduism
  • Polytheistic,brahma, vishnu, shiva
  • believe in karma, the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words and deeds.
  • Started in India
  • Began 4000 years ago
  • 860 million people in Hinduism
  • Sri Shankaracharya most social person
  • Monks spread their beliefs
  • The three gods
  • A group of blind men feel on an elephant and they have different opinions on what it feels like. They start arguing and disagreeing and then I men with sight comes up and tells them what it is and they get mad because the disagree with him.


  • Buddha (literally the "Awakened" or "Enlightened One")
  • It was stated because of the Buddha
  • Buddhism is neither monotheistic or polytheistic
  • barriers to realization,concepts of rebirth and reincarnation are some beliefs of Buddhism
  • Was created in northern India
  • 2500 years old
  • 200-500 million people practice Buddhism
  • Buddhist missionaries where sent out to spread Buddhism
  • Holy book- Tipitaka
  • The Buddha- special person
  • The hungry dog- A real mean king was doing wrong against his kingdom and his subjects got tired of it. So they went to blessed one and asked him to teach the king a lesson, so he sent down a hunter with a big dog and the dog was hungry so he barked very very loud and wouldn't stop. The king tried everything to fill the dog up but the dog only was filled up when he ate his enemy's flesh and the dog enemy was people doing injustice. The king humbled himself and stopped being mean