13.4 Urban patterns in European

Poor people are more likely to live in less fourtunate areas

European's CBDS

More people live in the CBDs of European cities then in the United States. Wealthy people are especially attracted to residences in European CBDs. The central location provides a great area for shops and restaurants, wealthy people are also attracted to these areas because of opportunities.

Concentric zone model in European cities

Outer layers tend to have detached houses where as the inner ring more likely have apartments for single people. Although in Europe there are very few free standing houses though the ones they do are in the outer ring though unlike in America the European outer ring houses most of there poor people where as in the United States the inner ring holds most poor people.

European income

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European rings

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Transportation in Europe

In Europe how far you are from the inner city depends on your type of transportation
Concentric Zone Model - AP Human Geography
Chapter 13 Urban Patterns