No, David!

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This Caldecott Honor award winning book is about a little boy named David, who cant seem to follow the rules. David's mom tells him no, but he always finds a way to get into more trouble. The illustrations help to tell story, and reinforce the text. It looks like the illustrator used oil painting, and outlined the images. The text is David's mom speaking to him, however the illustrations are told from David's point of view. The text looks as if a child could have wrote it, and some of the letters in the text have different color shading around them. The text varies with location on every page, and the illustrations are double page spreads.
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The style of this children's book is realistic. Children can easily relate to David's actions in this book ,and what David is feeling. Most of the children reading this book are able to relate to David, and getting told no when you are doing something wrong. The plot is David getting told no for his actions, and the illustrations show David's actions. Most of the story takes place in David's house. The two characters in the book are Davids mom, and David.
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This book is overall very simple with the text, but that is what makes it so enjoyable. Both parents and children can read this book and relate. Parents know what its like to have to keep telling their child no, and children know what it feels like to keep being told no. In the image above David is being told no for tracking mud into the house. That is something parents can relate to having their children do, and children can to getting in trouble for that. As a result children can read this book with their parents, and laugh together about the illustrations, and David's actions.
Meet David Shannon

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