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John T Yeska Jr - Tips For Saving Money While Traveling

John T Yeska Jr works hard, and when he gets some time off, he likes to travel and see the world. He has traveled to many different places, and although travel can be enjoyable, it can also be costly. Nobody wants to spend more than they have to while traveling and while some expenses will always be there, there are ways to save money while traveling.


If you are planning to fly on your trip, you will save more money if you can purchase your tickets in advance or last minute. Purchasing your tickets early will give you more seating options and allow you to compare and shop around. Purchasing your tickets at the last minute will give you better pricing because airlines often offer discounted tickets in order to fill empty seats.

Pack Lightly

Airlines charge for two or more pieces of luggage. If you want to avoid these extra fees and save money that can be used for other parts of your trip, consider only bringing one baggage. You can always do laundry when you arrive at your destination if you need to wear the same clothes more than once. You can also buy toiletries and other essentials so you can avoid packing them.


Meals are sometimes the most expensive part of your trip. You have to eat every day, but you don’t have to eat out or choose expensive restaurants. Try to plan your meals ahead of time and keep plenty of snacks in your hotel. Consider eating lunch-meat sandwiches in your room for lunch and don’t forget to take home leftovers that can be eaten later as another meal. There are many websites that can help you find cheap restaurants or meals that fit your budget.


Hotels can be expensive and of course, you want to stay in a nice one in a good location. If you are trying to save money on your travel expenses, you need to decide what you want and need the most from a hotel and choose one that offers those things at the lowest price. If you aren’t going to spend a lot of time in your hotel, you don’t need a lot of amenities, and if you are only staying somewhere while passing through, you may not need a hotel located near all the major attractions.

If you have the chance to travel and are worried about the cost, make sure you think about all the ways you can save money on your trips. It is possible to see the world without spending a fortune. Planning and budgeting can make a big difference in the amount of money you spend while traveling. John T Yeska Jr travels often and knows that it can be expensive. He encourages people who are interested in traveling to take the time to compare prices and budget before they leave for their destination.

John T Yeska Jr

As he aspires to become an attorney in the state of Florida, John T Yeska Jr. is always looking for ways to contribute to the community. One of those ways is by volunteering in his spare time with the Special Olympics and programs that help those that are less than fortunate. There are great deal of opportunities to help with this important event and he has always stepped up to contribute.

Volunteering Your Time – Why it Matters

Volunteering does more than simply give someone the satisfaction of helping others; it also has an immense impact on communities around the world. Volunteers are the most valuable resource for community organizations. When individuals come together for the betterment of their community, as well as themselves, everyone wins.

It can be hard to find the time to volunteer; however, volunteering can provide you and your community with enormous benefits. When you offer to volunteer at a local non-profit organization, you are given the opportunity to connect with your community and make it a better place. Volunteers help to build constructive and meaningful relationships within their communities, which can then be used to support the implementations of the organization's mission and goals Even the smallest task can make a difference to those in need. Volunteering meets critical, local needs every day, helping to make the community a better place for everyone.

Participating in volunteer work also saves valuable resources. For every hour that is given through volunteerism is an hour that the organization gains back in real dollars that can then be spent in other ways to serve and better the community. John T Yeska Jr knows the value of volunteering. During his time in Michigan, he spent countless volunteer hours working at the Michigan State University Museum in East Lansing. Today, John I heavily involved with the Special Olympics. He says that he enjoys volunteering with the Special Olympics in his spare time, along with several other local programs that help those that are less fortunate.

John T Yeska Jr. and Jet Skiing

Aspiring professional John T Yeska Jr. is a man that is always working towards his professional goals. He is currently on a track of dual careers, one is a commercial airline pilot and another as an attorney to be in practice in the state of Florida in the near future. With that much focus on the professional aspects of his career, there is a lot of hard work that goes into preparing. He finds that he utilizes leisure time as proportional as possible to this volume of commitment. One of the things that he does is ride a jet ski. This is one of the most exciting things that you can do on the water, but he also shares that it can be dangerous. He is always talking about safety and the facts of the matter are pretty clear.

Although accidents on jet skis don’t occur at a greater rate of accidents than other watercraft, the fact that the rider is so exposed means that the likelihood of serious injury or fatality can be greater. Therefore he shares that safety tips are the prescription for the day. Very simply, every rider should be sure to wear a fitted and Coast Guard approved lifejacket. Every Jet Ski is also equipped with an engine stop accessory, which can quickly cut power to the Jet Ski’s propulsion system. John T Yeska Jr also advises people to practice maximum awareness when they are in the water. It is very hard to maintain visibility, especially when the water is choppy or conditions affect the distance that you can see. Finally, he advises what is probably the most important bit of advice, and that is to never operate a Jet Ski if you have had alcohol or any other type of drug that can impair your ability to operate it.

John T Yeska Jr. Reading for Fun

John T Yeska Jr. is an aspiring professional with the ambition that has taken him to the brink of two exciting careers in the fields of aviation and the law. One of his favorite escapes is to find a good book and do some reading for fun. He enjoys all types of titles including some of the more serialized books that people are familiar with as well as non-fictional titles that cover the topic history, science and more. He advises people to try and pick up a book even if it has been a longtime. It is important to find a way to make reading enjoyable so he offers advice along these lines. First of all he states that people should not force themselves into reading a book. This is perhaps the most important part of it all as the title and subject of a book should be something that you’re interested in and it should be something you want to do. Another step is to make sure that you are selecting the right kind of book. There are many different types of books out there and you should ask people for recommendations whenever possible. When you start reading, it is important to find what the purpose of the writing is. If it is just for entertainment, then be in that moment that the author has drawn for you. If it is informational, then recognize that this writer has put forth a knowledge for you to consume through their perspective and approach it that way. He also tells people to be sure to pace themselves and to set their expectations for completing a book in a reasonable amount of time. Another great tip is to make the book a sort of reward which can substitute other things that you are used to doing as a form of relaxation. Reward yourself with the book and it becomes that much easier to read.

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Dedicated Learner, John T Yeska Jr.

The human experience as a learning experience. For John T Yeska Jr., he believes that as long as you are learning, you can always grow. While this might sound a bit vague, it is really due to the underlying principle that drives nearly everything that he does. You see, if one approaches even the little things that you do each and every day as another learning experience, then you can attribute that day to some type of achievement. Each and every day if you learn something, you can be sure that the next day will also be a learning experience. It is truly a matter of mindset such that even if the experience is 99.9% similar to the experience of the day before, that .1% is enough to say that you have progressed in some way. This order of thinking is one that calls upon a level of dedication. How deeply into that dedication you put yourself is what truly sets apart those people that learn a lot and those who continue to make mistakes and missing opportunities. To those ends he has been working towards a career in aviation as well as a legal profession. He is highly educated which in a structured sense is a great endeavor and achievement, but he is also looking at every day experiences as learning opportunities which is part of that dimension of perspective that makes him such a unique person with a bright future. He also enjoys traveling as well as meeting and talking to new people wherever he goes which gives him new opportunities to open doors to knowledge.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Traveling

Traveling for a business trip requires that you pack the right things and make the most of your time while you are traveling. If you are going to be traveling for a couple of hours, you might want to make use of your travel time getting ready for your meeting, or recharging your body’s batteries. Here are a couple of tips you can use.

Be Prepared

Of course, you are prepared for those business meetings, but what about your devices? We have come to depend on our electronic devices a lot these days. You will most probably be using your laptop for your business meeting, make sure you pack your charger together with the laptop. Your laptop bag can carry several other things as well. A portable charger to charge your tablet or smartphone is one important tool you should not forget. Sometimes, you will be in a place where there are no wall sockets to charge your phone, it is then that the portable charger can help you. Pack a couple of candy bars or granola bars in your laptop bag as well.

Hard Copies and Cloud Copies

Your passport, ID and credit cards are with you when you travel. A good idea would be to keep them in one place while you travel. However, it is very important to scan these documents and store them on your phone or in a cloud solution you use. This will help you if you happen to lose your documents.

It is advisable to keep a copy of your flight details, boarding pass etc., on your phone. To avoid delay at the airport, have a printed copy of your boarding pass, itinerary, and hotel booking. This will help you greatly, especially if you are stuck at the airport with the battery running low your phone. Carry a printed list of your contact, just in case if you lose your phone. It will help you get in touch with your contacts easily.

John T Yeska Jr. is a committed and dedicated individual who has traveled across the United States. John is currently studying to be an attorney in the State of Florida.

Tips for Safe ATV Riding

ATV riding is an exciting sport, but if you do not take the necessary precautions, what started as an exciting thing can quickly end up in the hospital. Here are some tips for safe ATV riding.

Professional Lessons

Just like you need to have professional driving lessons to drive a car, you need to have professional lessons to ride your ATV. Get some lessons from a professional ATV instructor on how to handle your ATV. It isn’t all simple that you can just sit on the ATV and get going. You must know how to handle your vehicle in different situations. The ATV instructor will give you valuable tips and teach you how to ride the ATV.

What to do with Peer Pressure?

Don’t look at what others are doing and try to do it yourself, you will most likely end up in trouble. Do not give in to peer pressure, if you are not ready to perform a stunt, do not do it. Keep it simple and you will not get hurt. As you keep practicing, you will develop your riding skills and talent, and you will be able to attempt stunts slowly. Don’t worry about taking the time to learn new tricks, go with it slowly and soon you will be able to do different stunts.

Rules are Not Meant to be Broken

Yes, that’s right! Rules are not meant to be broken. Make sure you follow the ATV rules and regulations. If you are taking riding lessons, your instructor will go through with you the rules of ATV riding. Do not try to ride the ATV under the influence of alcohol. You must wear safety gear at all times when riding an ATV.

Riding the Right ATV

There are different ATVs available in the market. There are ATVs for adults and those under 16 years of age. There are smaller ATVs that are easier to handle for riders below the age of 16. Recently there has been an increase in female riders, and there are special “pink” colored ATVs for girls.

John T Yeska Jr. enjoys outdoor activity and loves riding ATVs. John has spent countless hours volunteering for many worthy causes. His dream is to become a commercial airplane pilot with a major airline company in Tampa, Florida.

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ATV Maintenance – Preparing for an Epic Ride

When it’s the time of year to start up your ATV and hit the back roads, it is important to make sure your vehicle is ready to ride. However, there are many essential maintenance items that tend to get overlooked when preparing your ATV for an epic season. Here are several things to pay attention to while performing pre-season maintenance on your ATV.

Oil Change – when you change the oil it is important to adhere to the recommendations of your vehicle's manufacturer when reinstalling the drain plug and oil filter. The twist on filters are similar to automotive filters only need to be hand tight. Be sure to tighten the drain plug to its specific torque specification to avoid stripping the threads.

Air Filter – when cleaning the foam filter, avoid using gasoline. Gasoline will gradually eat away the glue that holds the filter together, forcing you to have to buy a new one sooner rather than later.

Spark Plugs – depending on how much you use your ATV and the amount and quality of gasoline you use, you may need to invest in a new spark plug. Make sure to get a high-quality spark plug or you may find yourself stuck out on the trail. Changing your spark plug twice a year, even if you’re not having trouble, can boost your vehicle's performance.

Grips – keeping your grips secure at all times will help you keep control of your ATV. Keep a bottle of grip glue in your toolbox to remind you to check your grips before you head out.

Front Tire Pressure – keeping your front tires properly inflated will keep you in control of your vehicle and make turning the bars hassle free. This simple maintenance task will also keep the tread wear even across the tire.

Keeping your ATV in top shape will make your rides more enjoyable says ATV enthusiast John T Yeska Jr. Spending a little extra time on your vehicle before heading out for the first ride of the season is well worth the trouble.

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Making a Habit of Staying Active – What You Can Do

Starting an exercise or activity program is not a difficult thing to accomplish. Staying active, week in and week out is another story altogether. There are many benefits to being active. Along with increasing your energy, you also feel better and improve your overall health.

When you first start an exercise or activity program, you are most likely looking to accomplish a long-term goal like walking 30-minutes every day, or lowering your blood pressure. However, the long term goal can be difficult to reach, simply because life can get in the way. To combat this problem, try coming up with short-term goals that will get you headed in the right direction. These goals are smaller, more manageable goals that can be accomplished today or tomorrow.

As you’re reaching your goals, you may have a slip-up or two; this is common and should not deter you from your goal of staying active. If you do slip-up, don’t feel guilty, find out what happened and learn from the slip-up and alter your routine to compensate for the issue. If you’ve stopped your exercise routine because you don’t feel like you have the time, have a backup plan. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, make a plan to workout at home. If you are feeling too tired to workout, try getting more sleep, or reduce your stress levels.

Staying active is important for your overall health. It not only helps you to feel better, but it can also reduce your chances of developing any number of potential health conditions later in life. John T Yeska Jr believes it’s never too late to make a habit of staying active and participates in several activities to ensure he lives a long and healthy life.

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The Value of Mentoring – Showing you Care

Looking at it from the most basic level, mentoring is a guaranteed way to show someone that another person cares about them. Mentors can provide their knowledge and experience to help others deal with challenges in their day-to-day lives. Mentors also help their mentees acquire knowledge that they may not have otherwise been exposed too. Mentors provide the opportunity to learn valuable information relating to any number of situations.

Mentors can come in any shape or size and can benefit individuals from students to colleagues. When mentors enter the lives of young students, they have a tremendous impact on their daily lives. Not only can they help support them academically, but they can also support them through their day-to-day activities. Mentors can help build their self-esteem and show them how to relate to those around them, strengthening their skills of communication.

Mentors can also have an enormous impact on the lives of their colleagues. When you step up and help someone else set career goals and help them take the steps to reach those goals, it is a resource that can’t be matched. Not only do the mentees grow from the time spent with their mentors, but the mentors gain an understanding of themselves and grow as a result of the relationship as well. John T Yeska Jr is using his experience and knowledge as a pilot to mentor new pilots entering into the field. He is also looking forward to passing the Florida bar exams in 2016 so he can mentor fellow attorneys who are getting ready to take the exams.

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John T. Yeska Jr. - Citizen’s Award

John T. Yeska Jr. received the Citizen’s Award from the Governor of the state of Michigan in 2001. Then-Governor John Engler bestowed the award on Yeska because of his long hours of volunteer work for the Michigan State University Museum in East Lansing, Michigan. Yeska has fostered an interest in history, aviation, law and political science throughout his long career as a law enforcement officer. His extensive work in the museum allowed him to learn and talk about some of his favorite subjects with children, tourists, and other adults visiting the museum to learn about the history of the state.

John T. Yeska Jr is proud of his Citizen’s Award, and he continues to work in his community to make it a better place. He has since moved to Florida, where he hopes to work as an attorney soon. He is primarily interested in Elderly Law, estate planning, tax law, and labor law. He is hard at work studying for the state bar exam so that he can pursue what he calls his dream job as a lawyer. Yeska feels that his prior experience in law enforcement lends itself well to his dream job, and he feels that he can help people the most by developing his already excellent understanding of the law.

Yeska earned his Juris Doctorate Degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School and has been trying to help people navigate the law ever since. Yeska hopes to complete his studies for the bar exam in the state of Florida soon, so that he can contribute even more to people’s understanding of the law and of the history of the law in the United States. Yeska plans on helping clients at first with their credit history, helping them find lines of credit and work to pay off their taxes and other debts. He hopes to pass the Florida state bar exam in 2016.

John T. Yeska Jr wants to help his career by helping others around him. As a former law enforcement officer, Yeska knows that navigating the law can be difficult for many people, especially the areas of law that confuse many people, such as tax liabilities and family law. Yeska hopes to work with people in need of his law expertise in Florida and start his career anew in a community that needs his help. Yeska started in law enforcement because he wanted to keep his community safe. He believes that he can continue to help others with his knowledge of the law and how to navigate its confines for the benefit of his future clients in his new community. Yeska wants to find new opportunities to help his new, adopted community any way he can.
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John T. Yeska Jr. - Passing the Bar Exam

John T. Yeska Jr. wants to earn his legal license in 2016 by passing the bar exam in Florida, where he lives. Yeska wants to use his legal expertise to help people in his community with their tax, family law, and other issues many people typically struggle with. Yeska plans to be completely prepared for the daunting exam by 2016 by studying hard and using his time well. He has been following several bar exam tips used by many lawyers before him and developed by experienced lawyers who have passed the exam in the past:

  • Register for the exam early. Applying to take the bar exam in any state is a long and expensive process. Start early to make sure you fill out the correct forms, get your background check, gain access to all the necessary historical records (such as your driving record, addresses for everywhere you’ve lived since age 18, and more) you’ll need to complete and pay for your application.
  • Focus counts. When you sit down to study every day, don’t distract yourself with online articles, Facebook, people trying to talk to you, etc. Find a quiet place where you can focus undisturbed on the material you’ll need to master in order to pass the exam.
  • Studying is a quest. Think of your study sessions as another leg in a long and profound journey. It may not seem like it when you’re sifting through case histories, but studying is a quest. You’ll learn plenty about the law, but you’ll also learn about yourself along the way. Each day, you move a little closer to your goal.

John T. Yeska Jr. wants to open his own practice in Florida where he can help people by practicing elderly law, labor and employment law, family law, and more. He will study for as long as it takes to ensure his success.

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John T. Yeska Jr. - How to be a Commercial Airline Pilot

John T. Yeska Jr. has a dream to become a commercial airline pilot. After spending years as a law enforcement officer in Michigan, Yeska moved to Florida to pursue his dream job. He lives in the Tampa Bay area and hopes to obtain his pilot’s license and a job flying all over the world soon. Here are the basic steps to becoming an airline pilot, some of which Yeska has already completed:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree. A four-year degree is required to get a job as an airline pilot, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The degree can be in any major, but if you enter college with the intent of being a pilot one day, you may want to enroll in an aviation aeronautics program.
  • Gain flight experience. To obtain a commercial pilot’s license, you have to log 250 hours of flight time. For an airline transport pilot certificate, you have to log 1500 hours. You can gain this experience through flying schools approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and degree programs. Pilots must also log at least 40 hours of instrument flying ratings, which demonstrate an ability to fly in poor visibility conditions.
  • Get your license. Obtaining a pilot’s license requires that you complete the flight experience regulations, pass a written exam, demonstrate flying ability, and pass an instrument flying rating exam.

John T. Yeska Jr. has begun logging flight hours in preparation for obtaining his pilot’s license. He wants to travel around the world and earn a good living doing it. He has his sights set on flying out of the Tampa airport regularly to destinations throughout the world. He hopes to convey people safely to their destinations regularly, and he hopes that he can donate part of his large salary as a pilot to charities and other organizations in the local community that help the less fortunate.

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John T. Yeska Jr. - Associated with the John W. and Rose E. Watson Foundation

John T. Yeska Jr. is associated with the John W. and Rose E. Watson Foundation in central Michigan. He has contributed financial support to the foundation, which is a scholarship program for high school students in Catholic schools for college. Yeska has devoted himself to public service throughout his career, working as a law enforcement officer in Michigan before moving to Florida where he plans on opening his own private law practice to help people with tax and family law issues. He also plans on obtaining his commercial pilot’s license to fly airlines out of Tampa, Florida.

The John W. and Rose E. Watson Foundation was founded in 1953 by the couple to help hard-working, Catholic high school students get to the next level in their education. The foundation started by giving out scholarships of $250. Now it gives $3000 per scholarship grant to students in its diocese. In 2014 alone, the foundation gave out $300,000 to 2550 deserving students in the area. In order to qualify for a scholarship from the John W. and Rose E. Watson Foundation, students have to have significant need, exhibit excellent work ethic, support their community by being active in church life and in the community at large, and have high academic achievement.

Former Watson alumni have come back to help run the foundation over the years. They put on the scholarship dinner, find lost alumni, write the newsletter as a way for alumni to connect with one another, and process applications of those applying for the current academic year. The organization also uses volunteers from the surrounding communities of central Michigan.

John T. Yeska Jr. has contributed to the Watson Foundation with money and time. He feels that the foundation should continue to provide hard-working students in Catholic schools throughout the area the same opportunities he had.

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John T Yeska Jr - Becoming A Lawyer In The State Of Florida

John T Yeska Jr is preparing to take the Florida Bar exam so he can become an attorney in the state. He has studied law for many years and is excited to work in the legal field again. Becoming a lawyer in the state of Florida takes a lot of work. If you would like to practice in the state of Florida, there are several things you need to do.

Attend College

You need to attend college if you plan on becoming a lawyer in the state of Florida. You should attend college for four years or however long it takes you to obtain a Bachelor's degree. You should focus on a pre-law program, as this will prepare you for law school. Your school’s admissions counselor can help you choose the courses that are right for you.

Attend Law School

After you complete your first four years of college, you will need to attend law school will you will focus on legal courses. You must be accepted into law school, so it is important that you get good grades in college. Many colleges offer a 3/3 program that allows you to complete three years of college and three years of law school.

Complete An Internship

An internship will help you get real world experience as a lawyer. You can complete an internship while you are attending college or law school and most courses require some type of internship before graduating. Internships can help you connect with attorneys and law firms, and many students are able to find jobs at the same firms where they completed their internships.

Take The Bar Exam

If you want access to the Florida Bar, you have to take and pass the Bar exam. You can take preparation courses before you take the actual test. The test is long, difficult and expensive, costing $600 every time you take it. It is best to study for many months before taking the test. There are many books and websites that offer study guides and practice questions.

Find A Job

You should start looking for a job as soon as you can. The law field can be competitive, and there will be many attorneys looking for a job the same as you. Make sure you have a good resume and have perfected your interview skills. Remember to apply to the same place where you completed your internship or use them as a reference on your resume.

John T Yeska Jr is hoping to become an attorney in the state of Florida. He is preparing to take his Bar exam and has been preparing for several months. He is confident that he will do well on the test and excited to start working as an attorney in Florida.

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John T Yeska Jr - Staying Safe While Jet Skiing

John T Yeska Jr loves to stay busy, and he has many hobbies and interests. One of his favorite outdoor activities is jet skiing. He loves to be in the water, and while he has a lot of fun riding jet skis, he knows it is important to stay safe on the as well. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while jet skiing.

Wear A Life Jacket

Even if you are a good swimmer, you still need to wear your life jacket whenever you are riding a jet ski. In most states it is illegal to ride a jet ski without a life jacket and many companies that rent them will not allow anyone to ride them without a life jacket.

Don’t Ride At Night

It may seem like a night ride on a jet ski would be fun, but it can be dangerous. You can easily become lost at night, and if you fall off the jet ski or have an accident, it could be harder to find and rescue you. Ride during the day and plan to make it back before dark.

Don’t Ride Where You Aren’t Familiar

It can be easy to get carried away while riding a jet ski and not pay attention to where you are going. You don’t want to ride the jet ski out to open sea where it will be hard for rescue workers to find you and almost impossible for you to make it back safely, and you don’t want to ride it too far away from where you rented or borrowed it. Always pay attention to where you are going.

John T Yeska Jr has been riding jet skis for many years. He rides with friends often and finds that it's a great way to enjoy the water and the outdoors. If you are going to ride jet skis, make sure you are being safe.

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John T Yeska Jr - Avoiding Injuries While Running

John T Yeska Jr likes to stay active and in shape. One of the things he does to get into shape is run. He runs several times a week and finds that it helps him clear his mind and deal with stress. If you are going to run, you need to know how to avoid injuries. Here are some tips to help you.


It’s always a good idea to stretch before running. Stretching gets your muscles ready for the exercise and can help you avoid a cramps or pulled a muscle. You can do simple stretches almost anywhere, and some people like to stretch after running too.

Wear The Right Shoes

If you do not have the proper footwear, you can injure your feet, legs, and ankles when running. Make sure the shoes you choose to run in are comfortable and support your ankles. They should fit right and have plenty of flexibility.

Watch Where You Run

Many people get injured by falling or tripping because they don’t see the obstacles in front of them. Always watch where you are running, so you do not trip or run in front of a car. Don’t just look ahead, remember to look down as well.

John T Yeska Jr enjoys running and does it often. Running is a great way to stay in shape and get some fresh air. He knows that it is easy to get injured while running and does his best to avoid injuries. If you are going to run, make sure you are doing so safely.

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