Good times, Bad times (Chapter 10)

By: Alanna Llamas

The Great Depression

~The name, The Great Depression was chosen by president Herbert Hover.
~The Great depression was a very rough time for the people who had to go through it. Many homes had been destroyed and there was a lack of food supplies and water sources. Many family members, friends and animals lives were all lost.

The New Deal

~During the early 1930s 25% of the population was unemployed. Approximately 1/2, 50 or 60 million people earn their livings by farming or in small towns.
~President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the person who brought the new deal. The President`s first act was to close down the nation`s banks for four days. People and businesses began to remove there money because they were afraid of losing it.

Life Goes On / A Kansan Runs For President

~Even though people faced hard times during the Great Depression, Life still went on .
~Alf Landon and former kansan was on the ballot but was not elected. Landon took his defeat well and remained active in the Republican party.

~Interesting facts~

~The Great Depression lasted from 1929~1939 .

~Threee towns were created from scratch during the New Deal. They were Greendale Wisconsin, Greenhills Ohio, and Greenblet Maryland. All three towns still exsist today!