Road Safety

Alcohol, Road crashes and Teenagers

In 2009 more then 20% of all road crashes, were caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, resulting in death.
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Driving under the influence

drunk-driving refers to operating a motor vehicle whilst your blood-alcohol content is over the legal amount. The legal limit is 0.05, although if you're a learner, or probationary driver you legally can not have any alcohol in your system.


The Plan B drink driving campaign, influences kids to find a safe way home, after a night out. The campaign enforces that driving is not an option after drinking. Link to Plan B
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Drink Driving Prevention

Driving while intoxicated is still a leading cause in road fatalities and injuries, even though education and promotion of the issue has been addressed greatly. Many people would debate whether Random Breath Tests (RBT), are an affective prevention against drink driving. RBT can influence a driver to be sober enough to drive, due to the surprise of random breath tests. Campaigns like Plan B promote the causalities and risks involved with Drink driving, they help to prevent and persuade the choices of young drivers.