Yettie Mendels

A survivor of the Holocaust

Yettie Mendels

She was a brave women. She was 42 years old (birthdate: Unkown)

Yettie Mendels

In 1942, as the Nazi noose tightened around the Dutch Jewish community, Yettie fell in love and married Bob Wolf. Before the German occupation he was a specialist in aeronautic electronics. When the Nazis forced professional Dutch Jews out of their positions, he took a job as an electrician in a Jewish old-age home in The Hague. He and Yettie lived there in a small room.

She Marrid a jewish man in 1942

After the war it took her many mounth to find her son

How she survived

Yettie mndals was a brave women. She escape from the holocaust when she was 23 years old. She escaped from the holocaus camp by walking or running to a near by hospital about half mile ahead. She had a 1 boy and 1 girl at the time