There's strong, Then there's ARMY strong.

Military Services: Army

Today's "Expeditionary Army" is a modern and powerful military force redesigning to a goal of 68,500 officers, 12,000 warrant officers, and over 400,000 enlisted soldiers. Army men and women work in many types of jobs, ranging from general administration to the operation and maintenance of the Army's many thousands of weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and highly technical electronic systems. Soldiers, working as a team, perform the Army's mission of protecting the security of the United States and its vital resources. The Army stands constantly ready to defend American interests and the interests of our allies through land-based operations anywhere in the world.

No skills required to join the army

Similar Occupations

The military employs people in many different occupational specialties, many of which are similar to civilian occupations. To match military occupations with similar civilian occupations